In memory of my amazing Mum, Julie, I thought I'd put a link to Cancer Research on my blog to try to encourage more people to donate (click the image below to go to their page).

I lost my Mum on December 28th, 2014 (a day after her 52nd birthday) to metastatic breast cancer just six months after she got diagnosed. She fought so hard to survive. I will always remember the look on her face when we were in the hospital room and the doctor told us there was nothing more they could do. At this point, my Mum had stopped eating, barely could drink anything and couldn't control her own body. She was there, but she couldn't do anything else. It was as though she was trapped in her own body. When the doctor said those words to us, she just looked at me and because she couldn't move or anything, it was just her eyes that told me everything. She wasn't concerned about herself dying, she was concerned about me and my dad watching her die. 

It's fucking heartbreaking. Even now, writing this, I find myself reliving it all and am just holding back the tears. This woman was my best friend. Not just my Mum. Losing her and watching her fade away destroyed me.

My best friend, my mother -
Julie Dawn Hampton.
27.12.1962 - 28.12.2014

So, please, donate to this cause. Cancer is one of the top, if not THE top, killer in the world and the more we donate the more research they can do and the closer we get to finally killing this fucker off and stopping it from claiming any other decent people like my amazing Mum. Every penny helps.

Edit: We're now in June 2018 and cancer is now claiming another member of my family. My boyfriend's Mum, Lynnette, is now nearing the end of her life due to this disease and I'm having to relive it all again in aid of helping my boyfriend through it. 

Please go now and donate!