About the Pale Girl who Reviews.

My name is Laura and I am 23 years old. I live in a little town called Hemsworth in West Yorkshire. I like to think I live alone, but my older brother lives with me. If you checked out my 'Donation' page, you'll have seen that I lost my Mum in 2014, so I'm still adjusting to that (which I never will) and blogging was/is a good escape for me, along with my boyfriend who would kill me if I didn't give him a mention, ha! (There you go, Alexander, you happy now?!)

Besides trying to create posts that are worthy of your time (they're really not, but you can't kick a girl for trying!), I love watching TV shows. I have a tad obsession with television programmes and I adore just sitting and binge watching them. Some faves are Supernatural (has been since I was 11, I've also met the cast, wooo!), My Mad Fat Diary (Rae is me), Gilmore Girls (the revival doesn't count, soz!), Buffy, One Tree Hill, Rizzoli & Isles, Castle and Bones. That's just to name a few. I also adore movies, they're definitely a great escape and books are something that I love to collect. Normal people would put read, but I find I collect more books than I read, which I'm attempting to change this year. But yes, I love to read, especially crime novels and chick-lit (if that's the right term). Music is my ultimate number one, but I'd be here all day, so just know I love music to no end.

'When life is shit, turn to music'

Onto my little blog: Pale Girl Reviews came into existence in 2012. It is the child of many hours of watching YouTube channels (BubzBeauty is my fave!) and browsing through many a blog post. I never thought I'd create anything good, but I thought 'eh, why not give it a try?' and here we are. My little corner of the blogosphere. 

Stay around, have a read, leave comments to let me know you've been by and feel free to get in touch with me. I'm real friendly so I won't bite!

More links can be found in my 'Contact' page.
Laura x

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