Wednesday, 11 July 2018

What I Watched: June 2018

June was the best month of the year so far for me, movie-wise. After having finished watching the series, The Mysteries of Laura, I was a bit undecided about what show to start next so I ended up watching a load of movies instead. This month's lot is a very mixed bag. I've watched rom-coms, dramas, sci-fi/fantasy stuff and a lot of movies featuring dinosaurs! 

What I Watched: June 2018

The Prince and Me: I watched this movie years ago and adored it. Still do.
Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights: First time properly watching these and they're hilarious!
Legally Blonde 1 / 2: Legally Blonde 3. 2020? Obviously, I needed to rewatch the first ones.
White Chicks: I made Alex watch this with me. I still find it fucking hilarious.
Spaceballs: Alex's choice of movie. Not really my cup of tea, but funny all the same.
The Tuxedo: I love the old Jackie Chan movies. Plus Jennifer Love Hewitt's in this and she's a babe.
Repossessed: Slowly going through Leslie Nielson's movies and this was actually quite funny.
District 9: Al's pick again. This wasn't what I expected at all but it was very good. Sequel needed!
Without A Paddle: The three actors in this just make it the perfect Sunday night comedy film.
Jurassic World / Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: Love these. Nearly cried at the newest one.
Jurassic Park 1 / 2 / 3: First time watching these properly. Loved the first one. Other two: meh.
10 Things I Hate About You: This has always been a favourite. Heath Ledger <3
Penelope: A find the story a bit silly, but it has a good message behind it. Feel good factor: 10/10.
Sully: This wasn't that exciting but it was an interesting watch. Plus it's got Tom Hanks, so heck yes.
Your Highness: Wanted to watch this for years, but it was extremely stupid.
Turner and Hooch: A favourite as a kid, I finally give it a rewatch and loved it all over again.

Have you watched any decent movies lately?
Laura x

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