Wednesday, 13 June 2018

What I Watched: May 2018.

May felt like a really long month to me. Anyone else? Saying that though that didn't make me watch any more movies than I usually do. I've been trapped in the TV series warp again and I've recently rewatched Tru Calling from years ago and even though it's been years, I still feel like there needs to be a movie made to end that show because it ended like shit. Besides that show I've also started watching season seven (I think) of Rizzoli and Isles which I never finished. I love that show so damn much and I obvs didn't want it to end like all my other faves have (Castle, Bones, Baby Daddy), so I refused to watch it, ha! I'm already thinking up new shows to start (Suits is at the top of my list), so if you have any recommendations leave a comment and let me know!

What I Watched: May 2018

Two Night Stand | I'd been eyeing this movie up for a while, so I decided to finally give it a go. I've seen Miles Teller in a couple of things and really liked him, this movie was no different. Paired with an actress I'd not seen before, Analeigh Tipton, this movie is about a young woman who gives in to peer pressure and decides to hook up with a guy she meets online. After their one night stand, the pair finds themselves trapped inside the guy's apartment due to a blizzard and they go through a whole load of personal shit over the next 24 hours. 
I enjoyed this movie. I wasn't so sure about it at the beginning, I thought it was just gonna be a shitty teen flick about sex, but it turned into something kinda deep and interesting to watch. 3/5.

The Proposal | Sandra Bullock AND Ryan Reynolds in ONE movie. YAS! I adore this movie so much. If you've not seen it, it stars Sandra as a publisher whose work visa runs out so she has to return to Canada. Not wanting to lose her job in America, she ropes Ryan in, who is her assistant, to pretend that they are actually engaged so that she doesn't have to leave. This is a pretty predictable film but the chemistry these two have is amazing. It's such a good. It's got a bit of drama, comedy and chick flick vibes to it and also BETTY WHITE. Legend. 3/5.

Deadpool & Deadpool 2 | I watched Deadpool a few years ago and after asking for months I finally got my boyfriend to watch it so that he'd go to the cinema to see Deadpool 2 with me, eeeeh. I'm sure almost everyone will have some idea about Deadpool but if you don't know, it's about a former army guy that ends up with terminal cancer. Determined not to die and leave his girl, he agrees to be a guinea pig for an experiment, but the people running the scheme aren't interested in curing him but want to see whether he'll last through their trials enough to expose a hidden superpower. I've never really gotten into superhero movies but the trailer for the first Deadpool pulled me in and I'm so glad I watched it. Ryan is hilarious! 4/5. 

Dunkirk | 
Ever since getting together with Alex the number of war films I've seen has skyrocketed. I'm not one for bloodshed and violent films, but when I saw this trailer it was actually me that said we should watch it and I'm glad we did. The movie follows a couple of men who are left awaiting a way off the beach at Dunkirk. It follows them as they attempt to leave the beach and try to keep their heads above water, literally and figuratively. Like I said, war films aren't a fave genre of mine, but it was a good watch. The special effects were amazing and at some points in the film I found myself holding my breath along with the characters. It aso has Tom Hardy in it....enough said. 4/5.

Ghostbusters (Remake) | As a loyal Ghostbusters fan I've watched this a couple of times now but I still can't seem to like it like I do the original films. Every time I watch it I seem to find things about it that just piss me off. Like the unnecessary attempts at being funny which end up falling flat and the ridiculous choice of villain is unforgivable. 1.5/5. 

What have you been watching lately?
Laura x

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