Tuesday, 1 May 2018

What I Watched: April 2018.

I recently got a hankering to watch the show White Collar from the beginning as I'd seen a couple episodes years ago and I loved it. I don't know why I didn't watch it all, I guess times have changed and stuff is more available these days. So, yeah, that became my life for like a month straight. It's such an amazing show with a finale that makes you proud to be a fan. I legit love this show. I'd recommend it to anyone *swoons* That being said, I didn't quite have time to watch so many movies.

What I Watched: April 2018

Snatched | I'd seen this movie advertised when it was getting its cinema release and the trailer made me chuckle but I wasn't too bothered about seeing it (aka I'm a tight arse and won't pay for cinema unless I really want to see something), so when it popped up on NowTV Alex and I decided to give it a watch. If I'm completely honest there's nothing too brilliant about it. It's got some cheap laughs in it and some moments that leave you thinking 'did that really just happen?' but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be from the trailer. 3/5

Why Him? | This is another film I wanted to see when it came out but didn't think warranted the use of my money. Luckily., Alex's sister borrowed a couple of DVDs to us (how old school, lol) and this was one of them. Again the trailer made me chuckle and it had Megan Mullally in it, but that's about it. The whole movie was a little over the top and at points, I stopped caring what happened to it. 2/5

Cage Dive | Another of Al's sister's recommendations. This is a shark movie. If you've seen one shark film you've seen them all, right? This was no different. A group of people decides to go cage diving, as you do, and of course, it all goes wrong and they end up left floating in the open water with a shark on their tail. I hated the way this was filmed. The whole handheld, first-person thing gives me a headache and to be frank, it's shit. The movie was bland and just a waste of time really. 1/5

Robin Hood: Men In Tights | Alex introduced me to this movie (and Mel Brooks) a few years ago and, although my sense of humour is a tad different to his, I really enjoy this film. It's so silly yet I can sit and laugh at it. I'm a big fan of the fourth wall stuff that's going on in films today, so this was way ahead of its time. Such a good film. 4/5

Love, Simon | Matt Bomer brought this movie to my attention on his Instagram and when I read about it I knew I wanted to see it. Obviously being a lover of books I downloaded myself a copy of the Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda book that it's based upon and read it within a few days. It's liked the book a lot. It gave me Perks of Being A Wallflower feels. The movie was also really good and I think it's a good story for today's youth. 4/5

Staw Wars: The Last Jedi| I went to see this at the cinema with Alex and although I've never been a Star Wars fan I've quite enjoyed the past three movies. I can actually keep up with these ones which are good as the older ones always seemed a little confusing to me (falling asleep halfway through probs didn't help either, lol). I need to give the oldies a proper watch to properly understand this and the previous ones, but I'm quite happy to admit I'm a fan. 3/5

I'm currently rewatching Tru Calling, it only has two seasons, so hopefully, I'll get back into the movie watching game soon! (image via google images)

What have you been watching lately? 
Laura x

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