Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Plus Size BooHoo Curve Spring Wishlist.

Ever since last year, I have been in love with BooHoo and their plus size range. I used to be a devout New Look buyer but since discovering BooHoo that has taken a back seat and BH has become my go-to for new wardrobe pieces. I adore their range so freaking much. Usually, when you find a plus size range it's either way too expensive or the clothes are designed for your great aunt Silvia. But BooHoo always have something new that catches my eye and has me clicking 'add to basket' within 0.2 seconds. This past month has been no different, they've had so many amazing pieces that I've had to add them to my wishlist because I legit would be skint lint if I purchased them all. So I decided to post some faves here for future reference and to give my fellow plus size babes some inspo!

Spring BooHoo Wishlist #1.

Size 16-24. £15.
Size 16-24. £20.
Size 16-24. £22.
Size 16-24. £18.
Size 16-24. £12.
Size 16-28. £14.

All of these pieces are beautiful and I cannot wait to own them. Just like Pokeman, I'm gonna purchase them all....one day...soon....hopefully!

Have you been lusting after any clothes lately?
Laura x

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