Thursday, 14 December 2017

What I Watched: Nov 2017.

Merry Christmas lovelies! I can't believe it's only eleven days until Christmas. With it being December I've tried to up my Christmas movie game and am currently on movie four of the month (yay me!). This post, though, is for my November movies which I forgot to post at the end of the month. I didn't watch too many as per usual. I definitely realise now that I am way more of a TV person than I am movies, but it would be a bit boring if I just listed the episodes that I've watched. So, here are the movies that I managed to watch last month...

I've watched this movie SO many times now but I enjoy it every time I do. Mae Whitman is a comedic genius and her portrayal of Bianca is perfect. I recently read the book that this movie came from and I must say, I do wish that they had kept some of the parts of the book in the movie because I would've liked it even more then. Saying that though, the movie is definitely one of my faves. 4/5.

It's Christmaaaaaas! This was the first Christmas movie that I watched this year and I enjoyed the crap out of it! It's so strange not watching a movie for a year or more and still remembering it so well when you put it on to watch. Even though I've watched this every year for almost 10 years, I love it. Tim Allen wouldn't have been my first choice to play Santa but he does it pretty well. 3/5.

It's a classic. End of. 5/5.

I don't know if this technically classes as a movie but it was on for an hour and half, so I'm classing as one anyway. After all the hype about the Murder on the Orient Express (which I don't want to see because of Johnny Depp) when I saw this advertised I knew I was going to end up watching it. I spent the whole 'movie' not having a clue who the killer was and I think whoever watches it will feel the same. It's a very well done TV-movie. 4/5.

These four movies were for all the month of November and we're only two weeks into December and I'm on movie four, so I think I'm doing good this movie. Christmas films have always been my fave anyway, so I assume this month will 90% be festive faves!

What have you been watching lately? Any Christmas movies you'd recommend?
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