Thursday, 9 November 2017

What I Watched: October 2017 (& an update).

This blog started out as a beauty blog but lately, I've not really been bothered by makeup and taking care of my skin has really taken a back seat. I'll probably fall back into the grasp of the beauty scene after Christmas when everything goes on sale, but for now, I'm probably not going to be posting much beauty related as I honestly just cannot be arsed with it all right now. If you followed me because of my wonderful *joking* beauty posts I understand if you don't want to keep subbing, it's fine. I'm not one of those people that cares much for numbers, so it's perfectly okay. I will, however, be posting more about movies, tv, books and maybe music, so if any of those things interests you stick around.

RIGHT onto the reason for this post, well one of the reasons, my 'What I Watched' post is here and it is all of the movies I watched in October. I REALLY wanted to watch some horror films with it being Halloween the other week, but I was at the boyfriend's and he's not a big horror fan, so these are just the films that I managed to watch throughout October without falling asleep!

Beverly Hills Ninja.
I'd seen this film as a kid and Alex randomly wanted to watch it, so we did and I loved it. It was a very nostalgic movie to rewatch and it really reminded me just how good movies used to be before they got taken over by CGI. Chris Farley was hilarious in this and I think everyone should give it a watch. It's a classic 90's feel-good movie! 7/10.

Die Hard 2.
I always used to see the first Die Hard movie on TV around Christmas and I'd watch bits of it with my parents but I never fully saw any until a few years ago. I'm a big lover of movie franchises like Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop, so adding the Die Hard franchise to my collection was just bound to happen. I love the first one more than all the others put together, but this one is always a nice watch. 6/10.

Pink Panther.
I saw this movie a long time ago and totally forgot how it went, so we decided to pop it on one boring Sunday and I know why I liked it so much the first time. Even though it's very OTT, Steve Martin plays it to a tee. I just love the whole idea of this movie. It's not Oscar worthy but it'll give you a chuckle. HAMBLUrGUH. 6/10.

Don't throw things at me but I've never seen the animated Cinderella movie. I don't think I even saw it as a kid which is weird. I suppose I wasn't really much of a Disney kid, which is probably why I'm getting into the movies now. I finally put this movie on after months of wanting to watch it (and realising Robb Stark was in it) and actually really liked it. I thought it was slightly corny especially the way Cate Blanchett played the evil step-mother, but all in all, it was a really nice film. (Lily James did a fab job, but she's not someone I would've pictured to play the role). 8/10.

And that is that. I managed to watch a whole four films over 31 days. Yay! This month isn't look too impressive either, but we'll see.

Got any movies you'd recommend? Leave a comment!
Laura x

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