Sunday, 15 October 2017

What I Watched: Aug / Sept 2017.

Can you believe that we are officially into Autumn already?? It feels like this year is flashing by but I must say that I am LOVING the changing of the colours and the cooler weather. I am an Autumn baby so I've never been a fan of the warmer months and Autumn means that Christmas is nearly here, whoop! 

Anyway onto the reason for this post which is my monthly 'What I Watched'. I haven't posted one since July because I've just not been watching any films if I'm honest. I've got stuck into Game Of Thrones now so movies have taken a backseat for a while. I thought I'd post this tiny list (aka two items) just to keep up with the tradition of posting them. Hopefully, when I've done with GOT (another season) I'll fit some more movies in!

Alex took me to Kingsman: The Golden Circle on my birthday and I can honestly say it was amazing! The first movie was a complete surprise because I didn't expect to enjoy it at all, but I loved it. I've seen the first one about 3-4 times now, so I obviously wanted to go and see the sequel and I wasn't disappointed. Even though Julianne Moore's villain was annoying (even more so than Samuel L Jackson's) I prefer this one to the first movie. I love that it carried on from the first and all of the same cast were in it with the addition (obviously) of several other members. I like Channing Tatum but I don't think his character was really needed in this, it felt a bit like he was just in it to add a star name. I did enjoy the addition of Pedro Pascal though (hello GoT), he added some good comedic moments for sure.
I can't wait to watch this again. It was fab! 9/10.

After my GoT binge, I decided to watch Me Before You again as it stars the amazing Emilia Clarke. I've seen this one before and I did quite like it. It made me cry again the second time around which I think says something about the actors portraying the two main characters.
It's not to everyone's taste, but there's no pleasing some! 7/10.

And that ladies and gents is all I've watched in two months. It's a sad little list, I know. But I'm hoping to get some movies watched this month, especially since Halloween is creeping up on us!

What have been watching lately?
Laura x

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