Friday, 29 September 2017

Kylie Jenner Birthday Edition Liquid Lipsticks DUPE??

As a budget blogger I have had to resist the urge to buy anything Kylie Jenner related. As much as it pains me not to own her liquid lipsticks (they look amazing!) I just can't justify spending that much money on one product. So I did a bad thing and went online to find some dupes. I know a lot of people aren't fond of buying dupes, or 'fake' makeup, from places like eBay and Amazon, but I saw these and couldn't resist.

As you can see this is an absolute rip off of Kylie's Birthday Edition set of mini liquid lipsticks. The packaging, the font and the design is almost identical. I haven't owned anything by Kylie so I can't compare the quality of these to hers, but I just wanted to give these a go and for what I paid I wasn't too bothered if they were shit.

These are by a brand called TOPBeauty and this is their take on the birthday edition, there's being called Beauty Glazed. I think the packaging is really cute, I love the gold and the designs on the lipsticks themselves and the fact that they are almost identical to Kylie's version. I have, however, been onto the seller's page recently and they have repackaged this item so whether they got a copyright warning or not, I don't know, but this product now comes in a different design (which is also cute).

Inside the lovey gold box you get a set of six mini liquid lipsticks ranging from a very light nude shade to a deep red. The colours are similar to the ones in Kylie's set, but as you can see there's not much of a difference in three of the shades in this set.

Although the shades are different the names of them are all the same as the original. You have EXPOSED which is very pale pink with a nude undertone, CANDY K which is just a tad pinker than the previous, KOKO K which is baby pink, KRISTEN which is a lovely deep pink, DOLCE K which is a nude brown and LEO which is a blood red shade.

I absolutely adore the shades of these. All of them are colours that I would wear from day to day, so I thought I'd got myself a bargain BUT then I tried them....

First off I noticed the smell of them which I can only describe as a paint smell (think to when you were in primary school and used watercolours), so they definitely do not smell nice. Then I tried the first one on my lips and was actually really impressed. The formula was quite thin but very pigmented and only took one coat to fully cover my lips. But...then it got quite sticky and when it eventually dried it sunk into all the lines that I have on my lips (I didn't realise that I had that many) and then...I went to remove it from my lips and couldn't. It took a hell of a lot of makeup remover and a lot of rubbing to remove every trace and by the end my lips were sore as fuck. 

top to bottom: leo, kristen, candy k, dolce k, koko k and exposed.

I was obviously disappointed but what did I expect? Sometimes you get lucky with a dupe, sometimes it leaves you crying in the corner wondering why you can't afford the real thing. But hey ho. I put them away and kinda forgot I had them until the other day when I TRIED THEM AGAIN. This time though I applied some lip balm before hand to see if it would combat the way that it clings to the lips and it sorta helped. It still took a while to remove but it wasn't as strenuous to do this time.

I can't see myself using these often. Possibly on special occasions as I know they won't budge, but they're definitely not my new go to. Shame.

Have you got any good dupes you'd recommend?
Laura x

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