Tuesday, 5 September 2017

FIVE MORE Chick Flicks for a Rainy Day.

Some months ago now I put up two posts on my blog (*here and *here) containing my favourite chick flicks to watch on a rainy day or when I'm bored or when I'm just stuck indoors. I had actually forgotten I'd done those posts and my follow ons got lost in the back of my head, but I am back to give you five more of my favourite chick flicks to watch on the upcoming dreary days of Autumn!


Alex bought me this for our anniversary a couple of years ago, we sat and watched it together and chuckled our heads off.... The movie follows the relationship between the newly engaged Tom and Violet, they've been together for a year and finally decided to get hitched but upon planning their dream wedding everything that can gets in the way and their wedding starts moving further away than they had planned.

This is a funny little movie that doesn't seen to get mentioned much. It's a couple of years old now, but it's still one of my favourites. Starring the likes of Jason Segel, Emily Blunt AND Chris Pratt, you just know you're in for a laugh. 

As you've seen in my previous posts, I'm a sucker for a romantic movie and this one sounded like the kind I would go for, so I sat and watched it hoping to be amazed.... This movie follows Emma and Adam who enter into a 'no strings attached' physical relationship, but as with all things like that, things start to get complicated when feelings start to develop between them both.

I've watched this one a few times now and, although, it's not my favourite it is a nice little movie. It's got a basic story that plays out like you'd pretty much expect it to, but it's nice to see it unravel anyway.

I love Christina Aguilera. She's been one of my faves since I was about 10 and saw her in concert on her Stripped tour (aaaah, memories!) so when I heard she was bringing a movie out, and it starred Cher, I knew I wanted to see it....This movie follows a small town waitress called Ali who ups and leaves her life behind for the bright lights of LA. Whilst there she becomes enthralled in the world of Burlesque and gets taken under the wing of former burlesque dancer, Tess.

I described pretty bad, but heyho, you get the jist. I adore this movie. The story isn't amazing, but it's worth the watch just for the music and the world of Burlesque is a very interesting place to be.

I watch this movie at least 2-3 times a year. It's one of those movies that you can just pop on and watch with ease. It's straightforward, but keeps you interested until the end.... This one follows Anna, an American, who travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day because, according to Irish tradition, if a woman proposes to a man on leap day then he will have to say yes. 

This is such a good little movie. I adore it. The characters all have their own quirks and it's nice to see the Irish countryside being featured in a movie!

Similar to No Strings Attached, this movie follows Dylan and Jamie as they amicably decide to use each other for sex. When things start to get too much, feelings come into play and their plan for a feelings free relationship start to slip.

I like this movie a lot more than No Strings Attached. I think Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake share more chemistry than Ashton and Natalie. The story in this is also a lot better.

Have you seen any of these movies? Got any recommendations for me to watch?
Laura x

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