Sunday, 24 September 2017


I've not really been in the mood for blogging lately. I just don't seem to have the motivation to create any content that might even be in the slightest bit of interest to anyone...I suppose bloggers go through it a lot and I can honestly say that it is quite hard to get out of a slump when you get into one. 

I thought I'd try and post something positive and do another FIVE GOOD THINGS post because it's always nice to think about the good things that have happened lately instead of focusing on the shitty. So here's my second FIVE GOOD THINGS: 

My birthday was on the 21st and, despite loathing it every year now, I actually had an okay day. I spent my morning in bed watching TV, refusing to move and wrapped up in my duvet. Then I showered, got dressed and was taken to see Kingman 2 by Alex. We then ordered takeaway and went to bed. On Friday evening he took me out for a meal at Chiquito's with his sister, her fella and his dad. It wasn't a brilliant meal but we all had a good time, a few drinks and a laugh which is all I wanted. So my 24th year on the planet kicked off with an okay bang.

At the beginning on this month I decided to watch Game of Thrones because I was sick of seeing it everywhere, sick of hearing people talking about it and no having a clue what it was about. So, I popped the first episode on and, even though there was far too many characters to keep track of, I ended up falling into the GOT trap and I am now on to season 4. 

Last Sunday, Alex, his family and I ventured out to Market Weighton to attend a professional photoshoot that his sister had won at a charity event. I didn't know what to expect as I'd never done anything like it but we all ended up really enjoying it. The photographer, James Anthony, was quite nice, if not a bit picky, and made us all have a laugh. From that we carried onto Bridlington for the day where we did all the touristy shit that you do; ate fish and chips near the sea, walked on the beach, went into all the souvenir shops, walked up and down the seafront and spent money in the arcades. Even though my feet hurt like fuck after, I had a really good day.

Every Monday, Alex, his dad and I go to a pub quiz at Birchwood Farm and we've been on a bit of a losing streak a lately and were thinking of packing it in, but this past week we ended up winning 2/4 rounds, woop! I put it down to being my birthday week, but whatevs. We came away with a box of Maltesers and a crate of Cidre, which isn't bad for £1.

5 - MUSIC.
I've always loved music and this month has been one of my faves for new releases. I am in love with Kesha's new album, Rainbow, I cannot express how much I adore it. Her talent is amazing. Then there's the new Taylor Swift singles....I've not been big on Taylor since her country days slipped away, but her recent songs have drawn me back in slightly. Then there's the new The Killers album, which I have been waiting for for years now, I can't wait to give it a good listen and pick my favourite songs.

What have you been enjoying lately?
Laura x

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