Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What I Watched: July 2017 ★

What I Watched in July 2017.
Despicable Me 3.
I know these movies are made for children, but c'mon, they are fab little movies! I paid for Alex and I to go see this at the cinema and we loved it. Alex and I's first 'date/outing' together was to see the first movie when it came out, so we've followed the Minions ever since. This one isn't my favourite of the franchise, but it made me chuckle. ★★★

I have never watched an X-Men movie in my life, but Alex was wanting to see this when it came out, so we eventually sat down to watch it and, although I hardly knew anything about the first movies, I was able to follow it easy and ended up really enjoying it. Hugh Jackman is amazing! ★★★★

Now this is a movie I wanted to see when I saw the trailers at the cinema. I know I'm 23 years old, but animated films are just amazing and I love watching them. I really enjoyed this movie. Even though it's not the best story (it is for kids remember), the music is my favourite part. ★★★

Leap year.
This is one of those movies which I can come back to it time and time again and still enjoy watching it and seeing it play out. It's a lovely, feel-good movie that I think everyone should give a watch at least once. It has Amy Adams in it, which is good enough. ★★★

Wild Child / Nancy Drew.
You know those days when you literally can't be arsed to get out of bed? Well that was me last month, I put Nancy Drew on as 'background noise' for when I was dusting but ended up watching it all. That then led me to Wild Child which also stars the fabulous Emma Roberts and that was plans went to shit. Ha. I love both of these movies. They are the perfect films for chick-flick lovers. ★★★

Lesbian Vampire Killers.
I ended up watching this on a whim because I just couldn't be arsed looking for anything else and this was on after something I'd watched. I sort of wanted to watch this when it came out because I quite like James Corden and from the trailer it looked funny....I didn't really think much to it, to be honest. It had few silly gags in it, the story was silly and the effects was worse. BUT it's not bad if you just want something to watch. ★★

This one was a pick by Alex. I don't know much about Alfred Hitchcock besides he directed Psycho, so this was an interesting watch. Anthony Hopkins is amazing as the lead and I think he and Helen Mirren together made for a spectacular pairing. ★★★

Saving Mr Banks.
This is another movie that I knew nothing about when I went into watching it. Unlike most, I have never seen Mary Poppins and I know very little regarding it and Walt Disney, so again, this was a very interesting watch. I think Emma Thompson is such an amazing actress and this movie just made me love her more. Obviously Tom Hanks was fab, too. I mean, he always is. ★★★★

A lot of these movies were Alex's choices and good choices they were. I can never just simply pick a movie, I have to know about it and read reviews etc, so most of these were pleasant surprises!

What have you been watching lately?
Laura x 

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