Thursday, 24 August 2017

Currently Coveting #1 - BooHoo Plus Size & Curve.

Being a 'plus-sized' girl and trying to find clothes that are fashionable whilst being friendly to my bank account is a very hard thing to do. A lot of the shops that stock my size (24, if anyone's bothered) tend to charge around twice the price of what a shop stocking 8-16 would and it really pisses me, I want to be fashionable too, mate! ANYWAY, little rant over - I realised the other day that I haven't posted a wishlist in a really long time and there's so many clothes that I am currently wanting in my wardrobe that I think it's about time I brought back my 'Currently Coveting' posts because there's loads to put on them. So here's #1....

I've been having a bit of a love affair with BooHoo lately. I never used to order from them, but they have so many offers on that it's hard to say no. So as I've compiled quite a wishlist over on their website, this 'Currently Coveting' is going to be just a fraction of the stuff that I have on their faves.

Plus Katie Sun + Moon Swing Dress. BooHoo have had a jumper like this on their site for a while now and I've been wanting to buy it for ages but I've just put it off and put it off hoping that it would go on sale, but then I saw this dress version and knew I had to have it. I am way more a dress person than a jumper person, so this will most def be in my wardrobe soon! £16. Available in 3 colours. Sizes 16-22.

Plus Amanda Strappy Paisley Print Playsuit. I adore a good paisley print and I own one playsuit, so when I saw this I knew I needed it. It is so cute! Probably not the most ideal item for the weather we've been having lately, but it's definitely something that I would, a lot. Fat girls want to look cute too. £14. Sizes 16-24.

Plus Sara Badge Detail Oversized Sweat. I have been slowing falling into the whole badge/patch trend and I fucking love it. When I scrolled onto this jumped I fell in love straight away....but it seems everyone else did too because it's almost sold out in this colour. So I'm praying that BooHoo get some more stock in soon because I need this in my life. £20. Available in 3 colours. Sizes 16-20.

Plus Megan Floral Print Cold Shoulder Frill Hem Dress. This is something I know I wouldn't wear a lot because it looks a little too formal for my taste. But I think it is super pretty and dainty looking. If it was to go on sale, I think I would buy it just for those special occasions that call for something like this because it's too beautiful to pass up (y'know, if it goes down in price!) £25. Sizes 18 or 22.

What are you currently coveting?
Laura x 

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