Monday, 10 July 2017

New Look's Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in Stone. Review.

A few weeks ago I posted a clothing haul featuring bits that I'd picked up in a recent New Look sale (you can have a nosey here), amongst the items was a New Look's own liquid lipstick that I picked up and after testing it out for a few days, I'm here to blab on about it. 

These New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks come in a range of seven shades ranging from a nude peach shade to a deep purple mauve shade. They retail at £5.99 each (currently on a BOGOF deal as of writing) but I managed to snag this one up in the sale for £3 *dances* The shades that are available are all quite similar to ones that I already own, so I decided to be bold and give something new a try. After having a browse I finally decided to pop the shade 'Stone' into my basket...along with a couple other items. It was a sale, leave me alone!

New Look do a couple of different types of lipsticks but I am such a sucker for a liquid lipstick that I couldn't wait to trying theirs out. Besides my love of liquid lipsticks, I was drawn to the fab packaging on these. I mean how darn cute is that? ^ (Not the messy wand...ignore that plz). The tube is a lovely frosted glass which goes so sweet with the pink gold screw top. The applicator is your typical doe-foot style which, if you're not used to using one, can make the application a little tricky at first especially when defining the cupid's bow, but the liquid lipstick went on in one layer fairly nicely so I wasn't messing about. The only iffy thing I can moan about is that with the tube being frosted the shade can be a bit hard to fully see and the shades can be a little misleading. I thought this one was going to be a warm light brown shade....

....and as you can see ON THE HAND the shade is a lovely chocolate-esque shade, which I didn't really mind, as I said I was wanting something a little different so that didn't bother me.....until....

...when it dries it's actually more of a grey toned brown than a warm tone. It's still a lovely shade, I mean it IS called Stone so that should've given me a clue... Like most liquid lipsticks this has a slight tackiness to it as it dries but once it's settled that goes away, so don't be put off by that when trying it. The staying power is pretty good on this. I had it on for around 4 hours, in that time I ate and drank and the lipstick was still on. It faded a little on the inner mouth, but all in all I'd say this is pretty lasting.

I'm not one for dark shades but I really love this one, despite being called an 'emo' by my dad....this liquid lipstick is now one of my faves. It'll definitely be my go to come A/W for sure!

Have you tried New Look's liquid lipsticks yet??
Laura ♡♡♡♡

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