Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes for under £6! ϟ

If you follow my blog, follow me on twitter or even instagram then you will know that I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have been a true Potterhead since I was around 11 and have not looked back. I adore the books, I love the movies and I can't get enough of all the damn merchandise (even though there seems to be hella lot more since the movies ended). If it's got HP on it, I'm there. That doesn't stop when it comes to makeup either. As we all may have seen there has been some hype around makeup brushes....nothing unusual about that in the beauty world EXCEPT these ones are shaped like the wands from Harry Potter. How friggin' cool is that??  As soon as I saw them I told my boyfriend that I needed them and so I got them *cheesey grin*

These little beauties aren't the original set by Storybrook Cosmetics that was released but I found these on eBay for a fraction of the price of the originals and I just couldn't say no. This set of five brushes cost me just £5.49 with free P&P AND they were sent from the UK too, so I wasn't waiting weeks on end for them to arrive.

They arrived within 5 days and came in this beautiful little pouch emblazoned with Storybrook Cosmetics on the front and a little silver tie detail. NOW, these brushes are not from the original sellers as I said, they are copies, so I'm unsure why they got sent in this branded pouch, but I really like it. It's a very cute added detail to the set. Now onto the brushes themselves....

The feel of the brush handles aka the wands *squee* are really good quality. They have weight to them all and have fab detailing on each wand-brush. I love the effort that has been put into making them look as best as they can as the wands used in HP and I don't think you'd have guessed they were copies if I'd not said. 
              The actual brush part of these isn't as bad as I thought they would be. They have quite a nice feel to them, they are synthetic, but are soft and feel nice when applying product. I haven't used hem long enough or cleaned them yet, but so far so good. The only downside I have with them is the look of them where the brush and handle connect, it just looks VERY 'made up'...if you know what I looks as though someone's just stuck the tip on. There's no gradual build to the brush, it's just stuck on there, so I'm not sure how long they'll last before falling off....but I am super happy with the set for the price and look forward to using them all. I'm not sure whether they'll fit properly into my makeup bag, but I'll find a way!

 Voldemort's Wand.

Ron's Wand.

 Dumbledore's Wand.

 Hermione's Wand.

 Harry's Wand.

All in all, I am happy with this purchase. I hope they bring out more like these because I will buy them ASAP. I don't care if Harry Potter 'is for kids' (Alexander, I'm looking at you) I grew up with the magic of Hogwarts and it will continue with me throughout my life.

Have you picked up any of the Harry Potter makeup brushes?
Laura x 

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