Sunday, 23 July 2017

Dermacol Film Studio Make Up Cover Foundation. Shade 208. Review.

Ever since I started wearing makeup waaaay back in 2007 I've been on the look out for the perfect foundation to suit my skin. I've tried so many different brands, different formulations, different wear lengths but I've still not found the perfect base for my face. Whilst browsing Facebook a little annoying sponsored post appeared advertising a foundation that claimed to be so good that it could cover up tattoos. It even showed the product in action and, i'm not gonna lie, I was sold on it from that. So I went online and managed to find said product for a reasonable price and I ordered it.

The product in question is this: The Dermacol FilmStudio Makeup Cover Foundation in the shade 208. This foundation claims to be the holy grail of all base makeup. It's apparently been used on actors for movies and models for photoshoots, but I don't quite buy into it. The Dermacol FilmStudio Makeup Cover Foundation (or SFMCF for short) is a hypoallergenic formulation so all the lovelies out their with sensitive skin could probably give this a whirl. It contains a must-have ingredient in the form of SPF 30. I hate applying too many products, so having a SPF already in it makes for less layers on my face! Annnnnd for a bonus's also waterproof. What's not to love?

When I first tried this foundation I was a little underwhelmed before I even began applying it. As you can see from the first photo the foundation comes in a medicinal type tube instead of the usual bottle and I found this to be a little bit weird. I'd not seen it done by any other brands anyway. When I went to squeeze the foundation out I found it really hard to get the product out of the tube. It came out eventually in a really thick dollop, I mean really thick, and this made it hard to determine how much would be needed. The foundation is supposed to be high coverage, so I was trying not to put too much on to see the result.

After a prod of the product with my beauty blender I went to work blending it out into my skin.. As you can see from the before pictures, I have a couple of spot scars, redness in my cheeks/nose area and a lovely little shadow from my hirsuitism (yay!). You can clearly see in the after photos with the foundation on that the redness is gone, the spot scars are barely visible and my 5 o'clock shadow is gone. PRAISE THE LORD.

Although the formula was a little too thick for my liking and you needed to use a fair bit of product for a full coverage, I really like this foundation. It covers what I like being covered and it sits nicely on the skin. It doesn't cake and it blends out without issues. I'm not sure on the waterproof aspect as I've not been out in the rain yet (British Summers, eh?) but it doesn't budge when a nice little SUL forms, which is fab! I don't think this tube will last me very long what with it being so small (30g) but I would definitely repurchase this foundation. (I paid £5.99 from eBay).

Have you tried this foundation?
Laura x 


  1. Im curious to try this foundation as i keep hearing so many things about it!
    Natalie xx

    1. It's quite a nice foundation, it's just a tad on the thick side. Other than that, it goes on fab!
      Laura x


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