Saturday, 15 April 2017

What's Your Makeup Order?

You know when you're putting your makeup on in the morning? What order do you do it? Do you do primer then foundation or primer then eyeshadow? After watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, I've noticed that people tend to apply their makeup in a different order to me and it made me feel really intrigued, so I thought I'd tell you what order I apply mine in and see how we differ. 
How I apply my makeup & what I currently use:
- Primer. Currently using Technic Primer Spray.
- Foundation. Currently using New Look's No Shine Foundation or Flawless Foundation.
- Eyebrows. Currently using Makeup Gallery's All About The Brow Kit.
- Eyeshadow. Currently using With Honour Eyeshadow Palette.
- Eyeliner. Currently using Collection's Extreme Felt Tip Liner.
- Bronzer/Contour. Currently using Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Powder.
- Setting Powder. Currently using Rimmel Stay Matte Finishing Powder.
- Highlighter. Currently using Makeup Gallery's 'Frost Shimmer' Eyeshadow.
- Mascara. Currently using Technic Megalash Mascara.
- Lips. Currently using Makeup Gallery's Latte Matte Lip Cream.

I always thought people applied makeup in the same order as me, I don't know why, it's silly when I think about it now, so let me know what order you apply yours! Admit it, it's interesting, no??
Laura x
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