Tuesday, 18 April 2017

With Honour Eyeshadow Palette. Review.

Today's post features a lovely little palette that I've been in love with for a while now. I got it just before Christmas from Home Bargains/TJ Morris for the low-low price of just £2.99. I didn't expect much from it at all, I just loved it's case, aha! Keep reading to find out more about it.

I was drawn to this With Honour palette due to it's rose-gold/copper tin case and the beautiful yet simple engraving on the front. I have been obsessed with things like this for ages and I'm so glad that it's become a trend because I come across pretty things like this now. Usually I steer clear of eyeshadow palettes in shops like Home Bargains because either they're way old or they just don't have any pigmentation to them.

I've never heard of With Honour, I don't know what brand it is and I can't find anything about it online, so I can't really tell you anything about it other than about the product itself, which is quite annoying tbh.

The With Honour palette comes with eight beautiful eyeshadow shades, two of which are matte and the other six have a shimmer to them. The palette also comes with a cute rose-gold applicator with a brush on one end and a pad on the other. It's a nice little addition to the palette, but....it's useless. I do like it though. The palette also has a full mirror on the lid, which, for a cheap palette, is pretty darn good!

All of the eyeshadows are beautiful (like, seriously) and make really lovely tones when blended together, but they aren't the most pigmented of eyeshadows. The above swatches were made with two layers of each shadow, which I don't think is that bad, it does take a couple applications to build up the colour, but it just means you get to put more makeup on, so all's good, ha! Honestly though, it's mostly the lighter shades that tend to take a few coats to show up, but the darker tones are really nice and pigmented when applied as a smokey eye, which I tend to use them for.

The above is just one of the looks I made with this palette. This is the look I tend to wear everyday, be it with a little bit more of a darker outer corner for a smokey look or a highlighted center for a halo look. The palette has all the colours that I tend to go for, so even though it was cheap and can take a while to build the colour, I love it. I'm glad my love of bargains kicked in that day, ha!
Have you tried this palette? Or more importantly, have you heard of them? Let me know!
Laura x
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