Sunday, 9 April 2017

New Look Makeup Haul. No Shine Foundation. Flawless Foundation. Primer.

Today's post is a little makeup haul that I bought from New Look about a month ago now. I got given a £100 New Look gift card by my Dad for Christmas, so I thought I'd test out some of the beauty products that were on offer from my fave brand.

Before I get into what I got, I want to apologize for the horrible photos. I've used my Samsung S4 (YEAH, old school, ha!) for a long time to take my blog photos and these products just would not photograph nicely. So after a couple goes I gave up trying, so please excuse the over-sharpened look of them!

When I decided to try out New Look's makeup products I knew I wanted to give their foundations a go because, for one, I needed a new foundation as mine was running low and, two, I liked what I saw on the YouTube reviews of them. So I picked up two of New Look's foundations along with a primer.

No Shine Mattifying Foundation in Porcelain.
This foundation claims to give your skin a full coverage matte finish whilst also helping to control shine. It helps to hide imperfections and even outs the skin tone while staying put all day. 

Flawless Liquid Foundation in Porcelain.
This foundation claims to give you flawless, natural looking skin. It has a medium coverage finish that helps to even out the skin tone and conceal any imperfections. It also includes SPF15.

Crystal Mattifying Makeup Primer.
This claims to give you a shine-free matte base for your makeup whilst minimising the look of pores and controlling shine throughout the day. It is lightweight silky soft formula that leaves skin ready for your makeup.

Since buying these I've been using them daily and testing them out so I can give my best opinion on them. I'm not going to say anything here as I'm hoping to squeeze a couple of blog posts out of them, ha!

Do you own any of these?
Laura x
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  1. Hi would you recomend the primer?

    1. If you have a normal skin type, yes. If it's oily then, no. The primer sits lovely on and makes the foundation look great, but as I've got oily skin it seems to get greasy very quickly x


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