Wednesday, 1 February 2017

★ What I Watched: January 2017 ★

2017 has well and truly kicked off with a whole month having gone before my eyes already. Like, did January even happen? With this post I wanted to jump back into my love of movies and just show off what I've recently been watching. I've done posts like this before and I never remember to keep updating, but I now have an Amazon Firestick and I have movies galore at my fingertips so I won't be left stuck left for ideas! So....with 2017 a go, let's see what I've been watching, shall we?

I don't really like Adam Sandler's movies and find him quite irritating, but Alex popped this on when it was on TV the other week and, even though it is stupid, I ended up watching it with him. It's a silly movie, but worth a watch once a decade.


I saw this movie when it came out as I'd read the book and fell in love with Charlie and the characters in the book. The movie is so heartbreaking and yet it's very uplifting, basically it just fucks with your emotions a lot. You feel so much for the main three characters. Stephen Chbosky is amazing. I just want to wrap Charlie in a big ball of cotton and hug him to keep him safe. 

Again this was one of Alex's picks. It wasn't anything spectacular. It didn't really grab my attention until the last twenty minutes and I found some of the story just to be totally unnecessary. I liked what the movie stood for but it could've been done better.

I've loved the original two Ghostbusters movies since I was a kid and find myself often popping them on just as background noise because I find them comforting (is that odd?) When the remake/reboot came out I was intrigued by it and after seeing it a couple times I've come to the conclusion that it is OKAY but I don't consider it a part of the originals. As a standalone movie, it would be okay. 

I KNOW. I KNOW. This isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's just something I like for the soundtrack really *ahem*. Oh and Dakota & Jamie's faces cos they are pretty. The S&M stuff doesn't really do anything for me and even though the acting in this sucks, I am looking forward to seeing Darker in a few weeks!

Dakota Johnson, in all her awkwardness and quirkiness, has become one of my faves and this movie was on my to watch list long before it became a thing. It isn't what I expected though. I thought it was going to be this fun, all girls comedy, but it's really not. It just follows a couple of friends who go through life at different paces when it comes to dating, sex and relationships. Meg's story is by far my favourite.

Before this movie the whole Marvel thing wasn't something I was interested in. I'd seen a couple Batman films and the Tobey MaGuire ones, but I wasn't really interested in seeing the new one. I went to the cinema in 2012 with Alex to see this one and ended up loving it. I love Emma Stone anyway, so her being in it just made it better. I adore Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and I'm quite sad that we'll not see him don the mask again.

What have you watched this month?

Laura x 
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