Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Products I Use To Control Psoriasis/Dry Skin.

If you're a regular to my little blog then you may have seen me mention that I suffer from bad psoriasis. I've had this problem since I can remember & it's always been a bit of an issue for me. It comes and goes like the weather, so I always make sure that I have handy the products that I trust the most. I can't use perfumed products or ones that contain too many chemicals as they really irritate my skin, so all of these products are kind to the skin, some are ones I've been prescribed, but I believe you can buy them (if not let me know). So, if you suffer from psoriasis, these are the products that I use to keep mine in check and keep my skin nice and moisturised.

I currently have bad psoriasis behind my ears, on my scalp, around my hair line, at the top of my bum (lovely!), on my rib area, my elbows, a patch on my back and some on my knee. It's not a nice sight when it starts to flare up, so as you can imagine Summer can be a bitch. Years ago I was prescribed a steroid cream called Betnovate RD. It worked wonders on my skin and cleared everything up within a week, but for some reason, they will not give me that cream anymore, so these are the ones that I currently use.

I use this cream 2-3 times a day. I basically just use it as my moisturiser for the areas where my skin is the worst. My doctor instructed me to apply a nice blob onto the skin and smooth it over - not rub in - just smooth over the dry skin. Allow it to dry for a while and then - sorry this is gross - gently scrape off the dead skin cells. Once that is done I use -

This is a man-made Vitamin D emollient which helps to control the growth and development of skin cells, which is what psoriasis is - a build up of skin cells. I apply a thin layer of this over my bad areas and leave it to dry. This helps to keep the area moisturised and stops the area from drying out from the psoriasis.

This is a scalp treatment which has an ingredient called Betamethasone Valerate, which when applied to the scalp works within your skin to reduce the inflammation caused by the psoriasis and helps to reduce the redness and the itching. This is my lifesaver for when my scalp gets really bad. It makes me look like I have bad dandruff which is kick in the self-esteem jibblets, but with thistreatment it tends to clear up after a few days. I apply this lightly to my scalp where I can feel bad dry patches and gently massage it in. Do not over apply.

As my skin reacts badly to soap products I started to use this ^^ brand: Sanex. You've probably seen the adverts on telly with naked people doing yoga...or something....I decided to try this brand because it contains no parabens, no colourants, no phthalates AND it contains 100% natural moisturising ingredients. Since using this my arms do not get any dry spots on them and don't end up feeling tight and irritated like they used to. They do this in different skin types and different versions so that there's something for everyone.


As I said above, I currently have psoriasis on my scalp, behind my ears and along my hairline on the back of my neck. This isn't as bad as it used to be thanks to some of these products, but so far, it doesn't cleared up the psoriasis as well as it does with the Betacap. These are the shampoos that I am currently using.


This I read about on the Body Shop website and so many customers said that it helped with the dry skin on their scalp, so I thought I would give it a go. I hate the smell of it, but it does make my scalp feel less tight and hydrated. It's not brilliant at getting rid of the dry skin, but it doesn't irritate me, which is good.


We all know about Head & Shoulders. I tried this years ago and it did nothing for my scalp at all, but after getting a sample in Glossybox I decided to give it a go and it works really well on my scalp. It gets rid of some of the psoriasis, but not completely. It just stops the dandruff from making me look like I've been out in the snow, WOOO.


I love using these shampoos because they don't contain sulfates, which is known to make psoriasis even worse as it's a harsh soap ingredient, so these work really nice on my scalp. I don't particularly like this one ^^ as it's a 2 in 1, but they were on offer in Boots and they only had two of the one I do use, which is the Intensive one. These help to keep my scalp hydrated and I think they really help to keep the dry skin away when it's gone.

So these are all the products that I keep stocked up on if I can. They can help to keep the psoriasis at bay or just keep the areas I have it soothed. If you have the same problem, can you recommend anything else to try out?

Laura x

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