Thursday, 2 February 2017

MUA LUXE Whipped Velvet Lip Products: Rococo, Majestic + Chichi. Review.

My use of makeup lately has dipped significantly along with my mood. I feel really down at the minute so makeup has sort of taken a back seat when it comes to PGR, but I've been wanting to post about these three products since I bought them, so I thought I'd pop this post up now in between the rest of my upcoming ones.

This post features three lip products that I picked up just before Christmas. Whilst browsing for last minute gift ideas on Superdrug's website I may have "accidentally" clicked on the beauty sale tab and might have "accidentally" added eight pounds worth of MUA makeup to my basket. I bought just the 8 pounds worth of products so that I could get the MUA Captivation Palette, which was a free gift with purchase at the time (I may review that soon, so keep an eye out).

I was on a lip product roll back in December so, of course, I decided to spend my pennies on something from MUA's lip range and I settled on three products from their MUA LUXE collection.

After spotting the Whipped Velvet products on sale for just £1.50 each, I couldn't resist popping a couple, okay three, into my basket. The colours of the MUA LUXE Whipped Velvet collection are beautiful and it was quite difficult deciding which ones to get, but after some uhming and aahing, I settled on these three colours.

The first colour is in the shade 'MAJESTIC' which is a vibrant pinky-red tone. I picked this one as it was around Christmas, I had a dinner to go to and I thought it would look lovely with the dress I had picked out. I don't own many deeper shades as I don't find that they suit me very well but I love how this one looks on me. The application didn't go too well as I found the formula to be too thin and hard to distribute evenly....which ruined the experience, but I do like the colour a lot.

The next shade is 'ROCOCO' which is a pale nude-pink. In the tube this looks like a really nice pale pink which I thought would be lovely to wear when the warmer months roll around. Upon first application I wasn't too blown away by it. It wasn't very pigmented and it needed a good few coats to cover my own lip colour. It looks very sheer on which I wouldn't have guessed from the tube, so it was a little bit disappointing.

The last shade is 'CHICHI' which is an almost orange-peachy tone. As you can see from the first picture, this is bright orange in the tube and it looks scary AF. BUT on applying to my lips I immediately fell in love with it. It gives a nice, warm peach lip colour and wasn't as bad an application as the previous two. Like the 'Rococo' though, the pigmentation isn't fab, but with another coat you're good to go. This is by far my favourite of the three and I wear this all the time.

The formula for these products weren't what I was expecting. I thought that they would have more of a lip cream type formula but they're quite watery and thin, which was a little disappointing because I love my lip creams! The lighter two shades aren't as pigmented as the darker shade, but they can be built up. They do tend to cling to any dry skin/lines so make sure to add some balm. I found the best thing about these to be the smell. They smell lovely. Upon opening them I couldn't quite place the smell, but it's a sweet coconut and it stays there on the lips for aaages. The products themselves don't. They rub off easily and don't quite dry, so I'd definitely recommend taking with you when out and about for touch ups. Would I buy them again? Maybe the Chichi in a sale, but other than that one, no. 

Have you tried the MUA LUXE Whipped Velvet products?
Laura x

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