Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Glossybox: Valentine's Edition.

It's that time of the month again where I give you my honest and, sometimes, arse-y review on my one and only beauty subscription box, Glossybox. Last month's box (which you can read about here) was a bit of a disappointed and I was going to unsub, but I'd collected my 1000 Glossydots which qualified me for a free box and this is said box, so obviously I couldn't cancel it before getting the benefit of a free 'un!

When I opened the box and saw this BEAUTIFUL box lid, I felt guilty about bad-mouthing Glossy last month about how drab their boxes were, but I'm really happy that I've not got yet another pink, bland box to add to my collection. Thumbs up! 

This box is by far my favourite of the ones I have received. I love the whole black and white trend because it can go with any colour and even though this still has it signature pink on it, I still love it. I will definitely be keeping this box and popping it on display. As you'd probably has guessed, February's Glossybox is Valentine's Day themed with bits and bobs to aid in having a special day.

February's Glossybox features five products that cover several different genres when a girl is getting ready for going out. It has something from pretty much all the beauty sub-genre groups and I think some will like it and some will hate it. Here's what I got:

As I've mentioned before I'm not really a face mask person and have a nice collection going at the moment that are awaiting being used, so when I received the La Theorie Des Volcans Noir Elernae Purifying Youth Potion I was a little underwhelmed BUT I've since read it and realised that it can be used as a face scrub and I'm quite intrigued to give this a go because Winter has been an arse to my skin! Next was L'Eau de Rose by Jeanne Arthes, a rose scented full 30ml bottle of perfume, which is a rarity as usually you only receive small samples in subscription boxes. Now, this IS a pretty scent and I think it smell nice, but I find it to be quite strong and overpowering. I can't see me keeping this one, maybe it'll go to someone as a gift.

Next, I was excited to receive a Ciate Paint Pot in my box. I don't own any Ciate products, so this gave me a chance to test the beloved nail varnishes that I tend to see all over the place. This specific one is in the shade 'Iced Frappe', which is a lovely nude tone which as you can see above will look lovely on any occasion. Next was the MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter in the shade 'Oyster Gold'. I don't own any Me x 3 products or any real highlighters (I just use pale blushers) so getting this was a big thumbs up from me. I'm excited to try this out because it looks like such a pretty shade and will come in handy for the warmer months ahead.

Lastly and the least exciting of the five, a sample of Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restore Balm. I've used a couple of the Garnier Ultimate Blends collections and I love them, so finding a sample of one in my Glossybox wasn't exciting, it'll be a treat to those who haven't tried them as they smell divine, but the tiny little pouch wouldn't even cover my hair, so it's a little redundant.

All in all, February's Glossybox wasn't too bad. It covered a range of areas and provided some nice quality treats. I'm still a bit unsure whether to continue subbing to them, maybe you can recommend another beauty box to try?

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day, be it alone or with your partner, you deserve it!
Laura x


  1. I used to get glossy boxes yeaaars ago, it looks like they have really stepped it up with their products! Might have to look back into subscribing again :)


    1. They do have some lovely products. I just hate getting skincare stuff cos I'm a simpleton and don't really use much. Suppose they are good for regifting though :)

      Laura x


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