Thursday, 16 February 2017

Five Chick Flicks for a Rainy Day.

Movies have always been a big love of mine. Ever since being a kid I remember just obsessing over new movies whenever I'd watch them. As a kid I HAD to watch The Burbs every morning before I went to school for about a month....yeah, it's not the best kids movie around, but there I was watching it every morning, aha! I adore movies, maybe not as much as I do my TV shows, but movies are always there when a rainy, boring day pops around and I have no intentions of leaving the house (which would be always if I had my way).

I've seen similar posts like these on Sarah's blog and thought I'd pinch her idea and pop my own turn on it. So to begin a new little feature, I'm going to kick it off with 5 of my favourite chick flicks to watch when I can't be bothered to go out, leave my room, or just leave my bed in general.

Nancy Drew - Starring the lovely Emma Roberts as the title role, this is a fun little movie that doesn't require too much effort to watch and also features very interesting characters that leave you laughing at the silliest things possible.

American Mall - I love this movie. Even though it is the corniest of all corn, I adore the theatricality of it. Starring the Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev, this is a good little musical that will give you earworms for days.

John Tucker Must Die - The ultimate teen revenge movie! I love this movie and all the actors in it are fab. If you've ever been cheated on or played by a guy, you will relate to this movie and want to join in with the girls to take him down, aha!

Bandslam - This is one of those movies where you watch it and immediately want to see it again. It's funny, it's emotional, it's got a great's also got Vanessa Hudgens which, c'mon, if you ever liked HSM you've just got to watch her movies.

Drive Me Crazy - This is an oldie but OH such a goodie! Sabrina and the dude from Entourage make this a classic 90s movie. I love it and have done for years, it's a typical chick-flick, but one you'll love all the same.

What are your favourite rainy day chick flicks?

Laura x


  1. Aw I love John Tucker Must Die! These are such a throwback to my teenage faves, might have to get all the old DVDs out now!

    Mini Adventures

    1. Same here! They're always something I watch and think back to being a teenager :) x


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