Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Obligatory 'What I Got For Christmas' 2016 Post.

How did everyone's Christmas' go? I think since losing my Mum this is the first time I've enjoyed myself over the holidays. If you've ever lost someone close you'll know what I mean by you feel sort of guilty when you have fun without them there, like you shouldn't be smiling and laughing etc, but my Mum wouldn't want that for me. So this year - I had fun. 

I don't know where that little ramble came from but this post is the marmite of the blogging community - a 'What I Got For Christmas' post - some of you like them and some of you don't. I, for one, am on the like them side, I'm nosey at the best of times so Christmas is no different, ha! So here are a couple of things I got gifted:

This little cute bunny ring holder was from my boyfriend, Alex. I wear my Mum's rings every day so that I have her with me and I sometimes almost have a heart attack when one rolls off the dresser onto the floor, so Al bought me this holder so that doesn't happen again.

It wouldn't be Christmas for a Potter fan without receiving something HP related and Alex/my dad didn't disappoint. I got the diary, the playing cards (so friggin cool!), the pair of socks and the cute Gryffindor badge from Alex and the pack of house socks from my Dad....they ARE mens, but he tries!

These little beauties were a lovely surprise from Alex & his dad. I love the original S&G body spritzes and I saw these online and showed Al and the little darling went out and bought me them *cheesy smile* his dad also picked out the fab Girl O'Whirl giftset which is sat on my cupboard because it's super cute!

If you're a tumblr person like myself then you will most definitely have heard of Pusheen. I adore Pusheen. It is one the cutest little things I've ever seen and I'm not even a cat person at that. Alex bought me these super cute (I know I keep saying cute....what other word is there?) bits which include a nail art set, a little lip balm and my new makeup bag. CUTE.

I was super spoilt when it came to these hair items. About two weeks before Christmas my trusty Superdrug hair straighteners conkered out on me and my dad kept 'meaning to fix them' and never got around to I know why. He had bought me the amazing Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy straighteners, which are SO GOOD. I was over the moon....then I got to Alex's and he'd been and bout me the Simple Straight brush which I'd been wanting to try for ages! So, now I can have a little fun with my hair.

Alex truly spoilt me this's usually the other way around, but I was gobsmacked with how much he'd bought and the effort he'd made to make this year exciting. He not only bought me the straightener brush, he'd been and got a brush personally made for me with the cutest little owl on it and my name engraved. HOW CUTE IS THAT? I love it. I also got a cookie mix, which we're planning to make together and Al's mum bought me the JML Lash kit, which will deffo be on the blog soon!

My dad made sure to ask me this year if I could use perfumed things on my skin, as last year he bought me a Ted Baker set and my skin went cray-cray with it. So this year, bless him, he made sure to buy me only sensitive things for my shitty skin. So I got the Nivea skin care set, a set of MJ face masks and some NSPA lip balms, which are all perfect.

I HATE UGG BOOTS. They make me walk funny, but I saw these in Primark and they were of similar design, they were comfy and they were my tight arse Dad bought me them, ha!

Finally is this AH-MAZING blanket. IT HAS FEET IN IT. My feet no get cold anymore and I love it. My dad got me this because I'd mentioned how cold my room was and it's just really cool. I had a Blarmy before, so having the other half is pretty rad.

And that's that. I left out a couple of things as I didn't want to overload your browser, but this year I feel truly spoilt and so greatful to everyone for the putting in the thought to get me something. I appreciate it all. So, thank you Dad, Alex & family and Fran!!

What did you get for Christmas?
Laura x

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