Saturday, 14 January 2017

Poundland's Makeup Gallery: All About The Brow Kit. Review.

As an owner of bushy Dad-brows I used to find myself reaching for my trusty MUA Eyebrow Palette every morning to fill them in and get them in order, recently though I've been trying out something even cheaper than MUA....Poundland. Yes, I know makeup from a pound shop isn't to everyone's taste but after falling in love with their Makeup Gallery Pout Matters Lip Cream I thought I'd give some of their other products a try.

The first thing that I've been testing is Makeup Gallery 'All About The Brow' Eyebrow Kit. This kit is almost identical to the MUA kit I use, the only difference in the shades is that this one includes a highlighter for under the brow bone whereas MUA's does not and this is just the brow powders and doesn't come with tweezers or applicator. BUT for a £1, I ain't complaining.

This little palette includes a highlighter shade, a light brown eyebrow powder, a medium brown powder and a black powder so there's something for everyone in this little square kit. Besides the price and the selection of shades, I adore the packaging. It's very simplistic but it doesn't give off the scent of being cheap, unless you know what Makeup Gallery is, I don't think you'd look at this and think it was bought in a pound shop. The size of it is also a plus for me because it slips into my new Pusheen makeup bag with ease whereas my MUA fave is quite big for what it is, so thumbs up for that, Poundland.

Now to the product itself (soz for the slight blur....) The kit does not come with an applicator but I'm trusting that if you're buying an eyebrow kit you own some brushes....I picked out my small angled brush and applied it as I would the MUA powder. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I didn't expect much from this considering the price of it but it did almost as good of a job as the drugstore kit. The only thing I can say against it is that it has a slight bit of fallout so make sure to tap dat brush before applying!

 All in all, for a big £1 - Makeup Gallery's 'All About The Brow' kit is pretty freaking amazing! If you're a bargain hunter like me, then definitely give his a try. Available in all good Poundland stores.

Have you tried the Makeup Gallery collection yet?
Laura x

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