Thursday, 26 January 2017

Glossybox January 2017. Review.

After a few uhming and aahing session this past month I decided to give Glossybox another go to try and keep my interest (plus I get my next box free, bloody Glossydots!). The past few boxes, although they've had some interesting products in them, I've not been THAT bothered by what's been in them. I'm not crazy about skin care and face masks, etc, and I find that my last two have been circled around them, BUT new year, new chance. This month's box arrived a few weeks ago, I've not tested everything yet, but here's my first impressions....

Of course this month's box was this lovely (yawn) pink box (yawn) with the Glossybox name printed in it's famous gold foil. As you may have guessed the pink box isn't doing anything for my first I thought it was a nice little thing to keep bits and bats in, but after having *counts* 6 of them delivered I'm a teensy bit bored of them now. Please Glossybox throw some other colours in there!

UNANI Illuminate Milk Cleanser - Full size - RRP £14.
This is a really lovely lightweight cleanser. It's got a weird texture that I've not tried before, sort of a cross between a cream and milk, but it gets my eyes and my face squeaky clean within minutes. Usually I'm sad filling cotton pad after cotton pad with micellar water, but this works like magic. It also smells SO good. It reminds me of tropical juice, which is a lovely thing to smell first thing.

VITAMASQUES Manuka Honey Face Mask - RRP £3.99.
I've not opened this mask yet, but from what I've read about it it's going to be hard not to attempt to eat it. Apparently it smells divine! It originates from Korea and contains 'nourishing manuka honey' and has a Korean innovation mask that features a triple layer sheet, which supposedly has 'unbeatable absorption'....I'm looking forward to trying this out!

THE BALM Meet Matt(e) Trimony Single Eyeshadow - RRP £34 for the palette.
This is such an odd thing to receive in a beauty box. One single eyeshadow. I don't know why but it kind of amuses me. Anyhoooo, this is an Aubergine kind of shade from the Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette, which from the price - I will NEVER own. I do love the colour of this and can see it being used to create a smokey look, but I'm not so keen on the texture of it. 

SPA TO YOU Konjac Sponge - RRP £7.99.
This is also a weird one for me. This is a sponge. It is made from 100% pure, natural and organix konjac plant fibre *looks it up* and it helps to deep clean, moisturise and exfoliate the skin, which being soft & gentle. I'm not tried this yet, but it does feel really lovely and I can't wait to see how the 3 in 1 thing works.

NIP+FAB Kale Fix Moisturiser - RRP £19.95.
I HAVE been using this for a week or so and I really like it. It claims to 'enrich skin and protect it against external aggressors' with its mixture of kale (yuk!), watercress, almond oil, aloe vera and shea butter. On first impressions trying this I thought that it smelt like a fruit/veg stall (anyone else?) which is odd, but it's kinda nice when you give it a sec. It does feel a little heavy when applied to the skin, but once it absorbs it makes my skin feel smooth and really hydrated. Thumbs up!

Maybe I'm too picky or just an arse, but this didn't blow me away again. I liked a few of the products, but again, it's all mainly skin care....HOW MANY PRODUCTS CAN ONE HAVE? I subbed to this box so that I could try more makeup products out, so this particular month, I was disappointed with it. Maybe February's will rescue my interest.

What did you think to this month's Glossybox?
Laura x

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