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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life REVIEW *spoilers*

I wasn't sure whether or not to post this because so many people have posted their thoughts on the Glmore Girls Revival that I thought mine would be slightly redundant. I'm not the best writer as some of you may have realised, but did want to express how I felt about the show and so when I watched it I doodled down some notes here and there of thoughts that popped into my head whilst watching. So here are the bits I could make out from my squiggled writing! Trust me, this post won't be as artsy or interesting as others, but here goes....

  • I got goosebumps as soon as the voiceovers began. They brought back SO many memories.
  • Okay, why doesn't Kirk have a kid? (It would've been interesting for him & Lulu to have a kid)
  • So happy to see Taylor - although he is still annoyingly charming as ever.
  • I did not see Paris having the career she has. It just seems odd.
  • RORY.
  • I'm not a fan of her current relationship(s).
  • I'm sad that Paris/Doyle split up, but I'm happy that they had some kids!
  • OMG, HEP ALIEN ARE BACK! It was SO good to see them all again rocking out.
  • LANE & ZACK's kids were barely shown!!!
  • I LOVED Lorelai's reaction to Emily in jeans and a t-shirt. I think we all had the same face.
  • Seeing Emily grieving over Richard made me see her in a whole new light. 
  • THE TOWN TROUBADOUR. I adored the song he sang towards the end <3
  • I almost wet myself when I realised Lorelai had dressed Paul Anka as Luke :D
  • I was so happy to see so many familiar faces in the first episode: Taylor, Miss Patty, Babette, Gypsy even Jason (who looked a little ill to me). So many memories!
  • It's both funny and odd to see the older two of the Gilmore Girls in therapy. Long time coming!
  • Seeing the town again has made me wish so much that I could live there. Anyone else??
  • Miss Kim describing the Korean choir & saying that 'they suck eggs'.
  • Rory saying 'She wanted to lick my juicy apple cheeks'.
  • The town meeting. Gay Pride. 'BUT WE HAVE SUCH CUTE HOUSES'.
  • Lorelai dreaming about the real Paul Anka as a dog. #SQUIRREL
  • Naomi was such an annoying addition. BUT HEY, it's River Song!
  • I found it really sweet that Richard left money for Luke.
  • Even though Paris is now a mother/career woman, she seems the exact same.
  • I liked seeing Chilton's Headmaster, Hanlin. I always liked him.
  • After seeing Paris' development in the original run, I'm shocked her kids ended up like her.
  • They are really kids though.
  • EEEEEEEEWWWWW @ Rory & Logan together.
  • Ugh, forever tearing up whenever Richard is mentioned. What a loss. RIP Ed.
  • I LOVED Luke's reaction to Emily pulling up outside the cafe.
  • Luke calling Emily 'Mrs Gilmore' - 'Call her Mom'. Ha!
  • Not sure what's going on with Ceaser's hair!
  • Not liking the development of Rory's character at all. She's better than this.
  • Though Mae Whitman's little cameo was fab. Lauren's on screen daughters together.
  • Rory just randomly sleeping with some at a convention - WHO IS SHE?
  • SandeeSays is a bitch.
  • Glad that Rory is back in Stars Hollow. Maybe she'll get back to being herself.
  • The Gilmore Girls are me when it comes to heat and the sun. Heh!
  • 'I'm 22 - I get to adorn my body as I see fit' - I will use this when getting a tatto, finally.
  • Got the feeling Rory seems a bit above everyone else & doesn't want to be in Stars Hollow.
  • Love that the girls have their phones on them all the time. SO TRUE.
  • If Rory's broke how can she constantly fly from New York to London??
  • I like that Rory took on the Gazette role. Maybe it will reel her back in.
  • LMAO @ Michele in his bathing suit with the headphones on. It looks wrong!
  • Not sure what I think of the therapist. She's a therapist and a singer/actor....
  • Michele is NOT 50 & NOT A PEADO.
  • I love that Amy included the girls playing out movie scenes again. I love them.
  • Taylor being referred to as 5-0 :'D
  • I felt sad that Michele wants to leave. He's a knob, but he's a nice one!
  • The Boots Are Made For Walking scene was my favourite so far!
  • Anyone else find the 30 Something crowd creepy?
  • The girls are me after I've been walking!
  • WTF was the Stars Hollows musical? 'YOU ARE ME IN PANTS'
  • Carole King is a legend.
  • Lorelai is me about the musical. Just naaah.
  • Find it hilarious that Liz & TJ 'accidentally' joined a cult.
  • JESS!!!
  • I love that Jess & Rory always get into deep conversations and he steers her right.
  • Jess tossing Luke's hat away was hilarious.
  • The whole situation with Emily/Jack/Lorelai reminds me of my own situation with my dad.
  • Love that Lorelai's first question about Rory's book was 'Do we fight crime?'
  • I would love to read Rory's book.
  • Lorelai kinda acts like a brat when she doesn't get her own way....
  • I really hope Rory ends up with Jess. He's the only guy that never did anything wrong.
  • WHY does Lorelai always run away when things get tough??
  • I think the whole 'Wild' thing was unrealistic. I don't think Lorelai would do that.
  • Why is the Gazette woman always filing??
  • I love the relationship between Luke & Jess. 
  • Feel kinda sad that WE are the WI-FI generation that Luke detests.
  • The crow creeped me out & I was definitely confused what was happening.
  • COLIN - FINN - THE OTHER ONE! (Robert....I found out later)
  • Loved the whole 'Help From My Friends' scene. Even though Logan is a no to me still.
  • I feel like Logan's grand gestures are old now. But I feel sorry for him, but it's his own fault.
  • I love the relationship that Colin, Finn & Robert have with Rory. It's sweet.
  • Not surprised that Lorelai didn't finish the trek.
  • The scenery was beautiful - but who's getting a signal up there??
  • I cried during her Richard story. It was beautiful & felt like closure for her.
  • LMAO @ Luke blowing on Paul Anka's steak.
  • LOVED Luke's declaration to Lorelai. Why can't we all have a Luke??
  • YAAAAAAAY. FINALLLLLLY. (No spoilers!)
  • Where did Paris go??
  • Rory's flashback made me sad & nostalgic.
  • Michele being blunt is my fave. 'Your name's Molly?.....Why?'
  • Katy Perry in Stars Hollow. That would've been fun to see.
  • RANDOM. Why isn't there any glass in their kitchen cupboards?
  • I've really love to read Rory's book.
  • How are they both still thin with all that food?
  • I loved hearing Emily say 'tits' and 'bullshit'. It was nice to see her finally realise that things like the DAR don't even matter.
  • Loved the Kiefer Sutherland impressions. As if Luke knows him.
  • BOOOOOO - Christopher!! *didn't realise the importance of this scene until after the end.
  • Loved the Buffy reference. Another of my fave shows.
  • I can't believe Lorelai still has that jeep! 
  • CLAM SHACK. 'I guess Vagina House was taken?'
  • DEAN!!! I can't believe he only got 2 minutes. He was Rory's first boyfriend FFS!!
  • Nice to hear that Dean finally settled down. (Creepy that his wife is called Jenny/Gen IRL)
  • LMFAO that they had him crouch down so he wasn't hovering over Alexis.
  • SOOOOOOOOOKIE!!! 'That was pornograhic!' The revival hasn't been the same without her.
  • I LOVED the milestone cake.
  • I love that Emily got a job as a whale....talker.....
  • Luke's traditionalism is SO cute!
  • NAAAW Jess still has feelings for Rory. You can't leave it like that Amy!
  • Why would Michele be at Lorelai's wedding but not Sookie? Why Lane and not Emily??
  • Rory is a sucky hugger.
  • WTF?????
Okay so they are all things that I wrote down as I was watching the four episodes. Congrats if you stuck all the way through it. I wanted to do something different considering a lot of people have posted their own GG reviews and I didn't want to just write it out and be boring.

So to sum up my thoughts on it:
Lorelai - I thought her and Luke would've already been married and possibly have had a kid already. The throwing together of it in the revival seemed a sad attempt at including Paris into the storyline. I don't feel like Lorelai's character was really written as good as before. She let Rory off with her cheating, she upped and left Luke and the Inn to go on some stupid adventure and she embarassed Emily and purposely said that story about Richard. Even though she's my favourite character I think she can act like a child at times and I didn't quite like her in the revival as much as I did in the original.

Rory - Where to begin? What did the writers do to her? She was this young, career driven, intelligent woman who has the world at her feet then in the revival we find her with no job, cheating with Logan in London and stringing along a poor guy for TWO years. This was not Rory for me. She didn't have anything about her that I liked previously. She was disgusted when she cheated with Dean yet she's fully aware of Logan's situation but continues to do it. She can't get a job doing what she wants but gets the chance to teach and sticks her nose up at it like she's better than that. Everything about her annoyed me and I'm really disappointed with the writers.

Luke - He hasn't changed at all & even though that's maybe not a good thing I think I enjoyed his character a lot in the revival. I like that he's not all techie like Lorelai/Rory and keeps pissing people off with the wifi password. He's such a simple character but I think that's his charm.

Emily - I never really like Emily in the original, I found her so annoying and over the top but seeing her break down after losing Richard was something to see. It broke my heart and I felt so bad for her and could finally relate to her mourning. I loved seeing her become a real character and finally realise that all of her silly dinners and DAR meetings didn't matter and that family and life mattered. She really grew on me and I'm glad we got to see her in a different light.

It was so fun to see all of the familiar faces back and to see where their lives had gone after the finale of season seven. I'm disappointed that we only got Sookie for one measly scene, although I do obviously realise that Melissa is a huge star now, so I'm glad that they got her in it at all. Michel was finally revealed to be the gay man we all knew he was. I just wish we'd have seen his new husband! Babette, Miss Patty and Gypsy all seemed the same in terms of where they were at in life, but it was lovely to see them back.

Overall I think it was a nice idea to bring them back and to let us in on where their lives have gone after ten years away and I did enjoy it, I did love seeing the characters, the town, the familiarity and the warmth that it give me in it's original run. BUT, I didn't find the stories to be that great. I don't think Lorelai would have jumped into getting a surrogate if she and Luke ever wanted a kid. I don't think Rory would be slumming it and not have a secure job or relationship. I think the Palladino's were trying to rewrite season seven and it just did not go well. To say I'm disappointed is putting it lightly because I really wanted to love these episodes, but it just didn't do it for me. Kirk was one of my favourite bits of the entire six hours, so that's saying something.

What did you think to our revisit to Stars Hollows?
Laura x

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