Monday, 12 December 2016

*TECHNIC Haul. Budget Friendly.

This post is a bit of a haul post featuring a brand that I've been quite impressed with lately and have sort of started to embrace as my budget friendly best buy. Technic isn't a brand that you tend to hear a lot about because I think a lot of people think that the products won't be good based on them being so affordable but after testing out a few of their products which were kindly sent to me to review - I'm here to tell you otherwise.

This lovely little palette includes six shades that can transition your eyes from a day time look to a nighttime look with ease. It includes a mixture of nudes, browns and a dark mauve shade. There are three matte shades and three shimmer shades so you can mix up the shades however you please. On first glimpse I was really impressed with the colours because they're a nice range and could easily be the only palette you'd need in your makeup bag, but when I tried the shades out I was disappointed. The darker shades are really nice and pigmented but the lighter ones take a few applications to build up a good colour, which can be annoying. The shadows themselves feel quite chalky and I've noticed that when I apply them there's quite a lot of excess product that falls off, even when I've tapped it beforehand. So even though they're not the best in terms of make, I do really like the pay off when they've been applied and for under £3 it's worth a try even if you don't come to like it like I have.

This mascara is my new favourite. It promises to give you big, bold, full lashes and it does just that. I'm not one to curl my lashes, if I'm honest eyelash curlers freak me out, so whenever I need to make my lashes pop I always turn to my Rimmel Wonderful mascara, but after trying this I can honestly say I love it. It makes my eyelashes look full which is kinda hard to do because I have different length lashes for some apparent reason....but this does the job great. The only thing about it is it takes at least a minute to fully dry, so be careful when applying.

*PRIMER SPRAY - £1.98 on Amazon.
As a beauty lover it might come as a shock that I've never even heard of a primer spray before, have you?? I'm not one to even use a primer anyway, but this intrigued me. It promises to give you aa smooth and even base for your foundation to sit on. I have used this primer spray a few times now and I can't say that it makes my foundation last longer than normal (my makeup looks good to go for about 4 hours) but it definitely made my foundation sit better for sure.

*EYELINER PENCIL - £1.65 on Amazon.
This eyeliner is an all in one. It includes a 'soft & creamy textured pencil', a sharpener and a smudger to help create a perfect smokey eye.  That's pretty much all there is to say about what it is...I mean, how else can you describe an eyeliner any more than that? On first application the liner felt a little scratchy, but when it wore down a little it smoothed onto my waterline really easy and the smudger made the effort of blending SO much easier!

*PRO EYESHADOW BRUSH - £1.99 on Fragrance Direct.
I am in dire need of some blending brushes and this one is PERFECT for blending out my eyeshadow. I am so bad at applying eyeshadow correctly when I'm going for a ombre or a smokey look and this brush works like a dream. The bristles are so soft and work to create an even transition between two shades (or three if you're good at makeup, ha!)

The Sultry Eyeshadow Palette ^

This haul would cost you less than £11 and most people spend that on just one product, so what have you got to lose? Just because Technic is a budget brand doesn't mean that they don't deserve a chance. If I could recommend anything, I'd recommend the brush and the mascara because they're fab!

Have you tried any Technic products?
Laura x 
*this post includes PR samples

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