Friday, 9 December 2016

An Extravagant Christmas Wishlist.

When Christmas approaches these days I don't tend to get the exciting feeling that I used to get when my lovely Mum was here. She made Christmas something to remember every year. She always went out of her way to get us gifts we wanted and she'd always get a 'big' present that I wasn't expecting to get. For instance one Christmas I'd begged her for the new (at the time) iPod Nano, come Christmas morning she let me open all of my presents watching me get exxcited over everything and then when I'd accepted that it wasn't meant to be, she pulled out a little box with the iPod in (I still use it to this day) and that was my Mum. 

Just for a laugh I thought I'd put together a fun little wishlist of things that I would LOVE to find under my Christmas tree, if only we weren't living on a budget *cries*

First on my wishlist would be the Samsung S7 Edge. I used to be addicted to my iPhone 5 then when I had nothing but problems with it I switched to a Samsung S4 last year and I've not looked back. Android phones are waaaay better than iOS and I would love to upgrade to the S7 Edge because it's SO sleek and looks amazing.

Next would be an Unlimited Cineworld card. My boyfriend and I rarely go to the cinema anymore because it's gotten way too expensive, so having one of these would be amazing. I adore movies and I would use the crap out of one of these card.

Next is the ultimate dream present of mine: a holiday in New York at Christmas. It's been my dream for over ten years and it will be until the day I die. Just getting to New York one day would be amazing, but getting their at Christmas when all the lights are up and the snow is would be perfect!

Finally is tickets to see 'The Play That Goes Wrong'. I've wanted to see this play since I saw them on the Royal Variety Show a year or so ago. I've never seen a play in an actual theatre before and this looks hilarious! It's based in London but is touring next year and I would love to see it so much!

What would be on your extravagant Christmas Wishlist?
Laura x 

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