Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Miss Sophie's Simply Sophisticated Polka Dot Nail Wraps REVIEW.

Today's post comes to you all the way from Germany. I, myself, am unfortunately not in Germany but my friend, Fran, is and she recently sent me these super cute nail wraps by a brand called Miss Sophie's. It was my birthday a couple months back and Fran always sends me such amazing gifts and products to try out. Things that, had I not known her, I would never have gotten to try. So, thank you, Fran!

Miss Sophie's is a German company that specialises in THE cutest nail wraps I've ever seen. They have so many themes from Valentine's Day to Oktoberfest from Let It Snow to Tropical Jungles, there's so many to choose from and they are all so cute! The ones that Fran sent me are white with black polka dots all over them which are adorable.

As a short stubby fingers kinda girl these wraps don't really go too well on my nails as they too are short and stubby so the wraps don't really reach their potential on me *sad face* These Miss Sophie kits include 20 little nail wraps which ideally would give you two different applications but my stubs only used 4 wraps for all of my nails, which I found quite inventive, if I do say so myself.

I'm not actually a big fan of nail wraps as they tend to make me paranoid all the time....like am I going to brush a hair out of my face and not realise that a nail wrap has gotten stuck to my hair and walk around all day like a derp with it in my hair?! WHO KNOWS!

Saying that though, these wraps were SO easy to apply. I did have to fiddle with my scissors to get the perfect oval but once on all I had to do was file away the access and it left me with my horrid nail shape that was draped in beautiful polka dots!

These may just have changed my whole view on nail wraps because they look amazing on, I just wish my nails would grow longer and I could make them look pretty *cries* I do think you should go and look on Miss Sophie's website because you won't find cuter wraps anywhere else.

Thanks again, Fran! 
Have you tried any nail wraps? What do you think to them?
Laura x

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