Saturday, 26 November 2016

Manhattan Only: Jeans Teens & Bella Zipperella Quad Eyeshadow REVIEW.

Whilst having my usual browse in Poundland (not the most glamorous I know) I came across these little eyeshadow packs by the brand, Manhattan. I don't know anything about the brand only that my friend, Fran, from Germany has sent me a couple of their products before and I've always enjoyed using them. So when I saw these, which were a £1 each, I knew I'd have to buy them, I mean, how could I not?

The two 'quad' eyeshadow packs that I managed to pick up were called 'Jeans Teens' and 'Bella Zipperella'. The packaging's designs were enough to draw my attention as they are so cute, I mean, look at them! The packaging itself is something I'd atune to makeup you'd get as a kid. It's made of a cheap (can you get a cheap>) cardboard and just sorta clips together with a magnet. Not the best made, but it's what's on the inside that counts, right? RIGHT?!

First is the 'Teens Jeans' eyeshadow quad. This palette includes a black, a midnight blue, a sky blue and a limey yellow shade. These aren't particularly shades that I would go for, the black is probably the one that I'd actually use in my day to day makeup routine, the others not so much.  As you can see from the terrible picture above the lighter shades are barely visible and that's with a couple of layers on top of each other. The formula is a little chalky and they can be hard to blend out, but I can't really see these being a staple in my makeup bag anyway.

The 'Bella Zipperella' eyeshadow quad contains a garden green, another garden green (aka the exact same shade), a lilac and a pale pink shade. Again....not really shades I'd use myself, but upon buying them I couldn't actually see the shades otherwise I may not have bought them. Saying that though, I do quite like the latter two shades even if they take a million coats to actually get a colour!

I'm going to be brutally honest and say that I don't like these sets at all. They don't have much, if any, pigmentation and aren't even buildable, blendable....anything. Besides the outer packaging I found these to be a big fat NO. I'm really glad that I only spent a pound on each because they're not worth spending more on. So, for the first time in my Manhattan relationship, I found these ones to be useless. Like I said above, they're something that kids would probably enjoy playing about with, but for we beauty lovers that like seeing our efforts on our eyelids, these are a NO.

Have you tried any Manhattan products before? Any recommendations?
Laura x

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