Friday, 4 November 2016

Movies I Watched: November 2016.

This week has been slow. It's been disheartening and it's been downright disappointing. Today I failed my driving test, which did not add to my already fed up mood and my dad & I are having some issues, so it's safe to say this week's not been my favourite. I've spent most of it either at my boyfriend's house or curled up in bed rewatching Supernatural and some movies. This, obviously, led me to posting about 'What I Watched This Week'.

Magic Mike + Magic Mike XXL.
I've put off watching these for a long time because movies about male strippers just don't appeal to me, but I went on a bit of a Alex Pettyfer binge this week and Magic Mike is the only film of his I've not seen. Oh, it also stars Channing Tatum + Matt Bomer, which helped my decision to watch, ha!  Even though MM is about make strippers I really enjoyed these two movies. The stripping scenes aside I enjoyed the story and the characters a lot. It was definitely more than I'd thought it would be. 5/5

With Halloween just a few days ago, instead of watching traditional horror films I decided to watch the modern day twist on Beauty + the Beast. This has been a fave of mine for years now and I really enjoy it every time I watch it. This stars two of my teen idols, Mary-Kate Olsen & Vanessa Hudgens, so obvs it's always nice to pop on. 4/5

I was obsessed with this film when it came out in the cinema. Looking back I have no idea why, but on my Pettyfer binge I couldn't forget this one. It's not really that good a film if I'm honest, but I love the soundtrack and I love the nostalgia I get from watching it. 3/5

Halloween H20.
Out of all the Halloween movies this one is my favourite. I know a lot of people favour the original over all of the others, but for me, this more modern version is the best. I watched this the night before Halloween and it didn't disappoint. It always makes me nervous and also, gets me shouting at the TV. Like, HOW does he always catch them when he walks everywhere? Mmmmmm...... 3/5
Honorable mentions: She's The Man + Racing Home.

What have you been watching lately?
Laura x


  1. I totally have a thing for Alex Pettyfer too (such a babe!) I used to be obsessed with Stormbreaker as well. Now I want to watch it for a little bit of nostalgia! Great post.
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. Haha, I was obsessed with Stormbreaker, I read the book & made my Mum take me to see it :)

      Laura x

  2. I've not watched Stormbreaker in years - i remember going to watch it at the Cinema (suddenly feeling a little old) Can't beat a bit of Magic Mike XXL either ;)
    Hope you're okay
    Natalie xx


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