Thursday, 27 October 2016

Soap & Glory: Birthday Washes REVIEW.

Last month saw yours truly turn 23 years old (getting old now, dears) and my lovely boyfriend decided to pick me up a lovely little treat from the Soap and Glory range. I've not tested out too many S&G products so obviously I was excited to give these little treats a whirl.

"May you live to a hundred and rarely suffer flaky legs, may the sun always shine on your face (after you've applied your SPF) and wherever you are may your creams feel rich and may your baths feel foamous!"

Firstly can we just look at that packaging? How freaking cute is that? I absolutely adore the old fashioned vibe that Soap & Glory give off with all of their products and packaging. It's always a struggle going into Boots and not opening every product to have a whiff of them!

Soap & Glory's Birthday Washes (see what they did there?) includes two of their award winning pink originals products: The Righteous Butter and Clean on Me. Both products are travel sized, so they're a really nice gift idea for someone that's never tried the S&G brand before or for someone that loves the sweet smell of these products anyway.

The Righteous Butter is a thick and rich moisturiser containing shea butter and aloe vera to help soften and moisturise the most driest of skin types. While the Clean on Me is a creamy shower gel that washes away any impurities and leaves behind the most sweetest divine scent. Once you use this you won't go back to your boring shower gels!

I adore the smell of these two products and cannot get enough of them. Being only travel sized (TRB 50ml & CoM 75ml) they've not really lasted that long, maybe I'm being a little too overzealous with application, but I'll definitely be picking up the fuller versions of these two!

(P.S. I have really sensitive skin that's prone to psoriasis/eczema but these don't irritate it all, so if you're the same as me, don't be too weary of giving these a go)

Have you tried The Righteous Butter & Clean on Me products?
Laura x

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