Sunday, 16 October 2016

Makeup Gallery's 'Shine On' & 'Pout Matters' Latte / Vintage Rose REVIEW.

If you don't live under a rock you will know that Poundland are getting in on the beauty hype and are releasing new products into their Makeup Gallery Range. I've not used too many of their products before but when I saw these new lip products I couldn't resist.

The Poundland that I went to was a complete mess when it came to the Makeup Gallery stand and it kinda put me off looking because nothing was in the right place and I just could not be bothered. But to to my luck, on the top of the stand were these three lovely lip products. One is a lip gloss and the other two are matte lip creams (*matte not matt).

Makeup Gallery's 'Shine On' Intense Colour & Shine Lip Gloss in the shade 'Nice & Nude'.
I don't want to be mean because I'm really impressed with Poundland's beauty expansion, but this lip gloss was a big fat no-no. As soon as I unscrewed the lip I could tell it was going to be very sticky because I could see that the formula was....I want to say 'stringy', think when you pick gum off of something. It was like that. It wasn't the easiest to apply as it dragged a little, the colour was far from 'intense' and it just did not feel nice on my lips. So I'll pass on these ones on my next visit.

Makeup Gallery's Pout Matters Matt(e) Lip Colour in 'Vintage Pink'.
Unfortunately for me, I have not tried out the NYX lip creams *cries*, so when I saw that these had the same smell and texture I snapped them up. It is a lovely baby pink colour with some slight shimmer to it. It goes on the lips smoothly and dries to leave behind a nice matte effect. It isn't drying on the lips and it gives a really nice colour. It's not THE best for pigmentation but a second coat really makes the pink pop. I love this lip product, even if it doesn't last too long on the lips, it just feels really nice on and it smells divine. A bit like chocolate ice cream/cocoa. I saw a video featuring these and the girl said they smell just like NYX, so, for a £1 you can't go wrong!

Makeup Gallery's Pout Matters Matt(e) Lip Colour in 'Latte'.
This lip cream is my FAVOURITE. It's a really nice brown toned nude shade, so it's perfect for the Autumn/Winter. Just like the Vintage Pink, it goes on well, it smells lovely and doesn't dry out my lips.  I've been wearing this one a lot lately and I adore it. I will definitely be popping back in for a top up as the little tubes don't seem to have that much product in them, so be weary of that when purchasing, but for a quid, you can't really moan!

Have you tried out Makeup Gallery's Pout Matters or Shine On lippys?
Laura x

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