Tuesday, 18 October 2016

IMAGIC PROfessional Cosmetics Beauty Lipgloss: Shades 01 & 04 REVIEW.

If you keep up with my blog then last week you will have seen a blog post about a brand called IMAGIC PROfessional Cosmetics and will have seen me try out two of their lip products. WELL, I loved them so much that I decided to pick up two more shades to add to my collection.

As I mentioned in my previous post these are not lipgloss they are more of a lip paint or liquid lipstick. They go on super easy, but the wand can be a little hard to define the lips with as it's flat and doesn't have an shape to it, so be careful when applying. This brand of liquid lipstick is AH-mazing, it lasts for absolutely ages on and the colour stays put. The only thing I have against these is that they tend to fade if they come into contact with liquid even though they are supposed to be waterproof, so if you plan on drinking definitely take the product along for a top up.

IMAGIC's PROfessional Cosmetics Beauty Lipgloss in shade '01'.
I decided on this one from the whole 19 shade collection as it was a warm, peachy tone and I'd never branched out into the more lighter lip shades. On arrival I was excited to try this out but, disappointingly, I wasn't too keen on it. For one, the application was....odd. This particular one felt quite watery and so it didn't want to sit properly on my lips. When it dried out though it left me with the shade above. Although it's not my favourite and it's a little scary for me to wear something so in-your-face, I do like it and might pull it out when the Spring/Summer comes around again.

IMAGIC's PROfessional Cosmetics Beauty Lipgloss in shade '04'.
Now this one. O.M.G. I am in love with it. If you've seen my recent posts on Instagram you'll have seen me boasting about this. I just LOVE it, there's no other way of saying it. It is such a nice Autumnal shade. It reminds me of the trees when the leaves turn. It goes perfectly with the Autumn (I keep wanting to type 'Fall') colour scheme. Unlike the 01 shade this one went on easy and dried really quickly leaving this very well pigmented colour behind that lasts for absolutely aaaages. This is my bae for A/W. (As previously mentioned these ship from China & can be bought for as little as £1.36 on eBay)
Have you tried the IMAGIC brand yet?
Laura x

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