Tuesday, 4 October 2016

IMAGIC PROfessional Cosmetics Beauty Lipgloss: Shades 03 & 08 REVIEW.

I am back with yet another lippy review for you lovely lot. If you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen my warning of a lippy overhaul on my blog. I just can't get enough of the bloody things. Once upon a time I only had ONE lipstick in my makeup bag and that was it. The only one I owned....oh how far I've come!

The newest additions to my lippy collection are these two beautiful products from IMagic PROfessional Cosmetics. I came across these on eBay and they were SO affordable at only £1.36 each AND if you buy two you get 5% off. How flipping amazing is that?? I know some of you will be a little weary of these products due to the price, but I found these items on AliExpress and have also seen them on a couple YouTube videos, so be assured they're okay products, they just ship from China, so can take a couple weeks to arrive and for the price I really don't mind. 

First is the IMAGIC PROfessional Cosmetics Beauty Lipgloss in Shade 03. This is a really nice brown toned nude. It reminds me of chocolate milkshake...just FYI. The packaging is nice for the pricing, it definitely looks like it should cost more than it did. This was the first I tried of the two and I immediately knew that I was going to love these products. The application was okay, the wand (is it called a wand?) could be a little better shaped as it's just flat and as you can see below, I couldn't really shape my lips correctly with it, but it applied okay

The formula is nice & creamy going on, it doesn't dry too fast so you can add more product where needed and it leaves you with a lovely nice matte finish. It does feel a little drying on the lips, but I like the finish it gives. The colour isn't something I'd go for from the off because I'm more of a pink nude kinda girl, but this really grew on me after a while. 

Next was the IMAGIC PROfessional Cosmetics Beauty Lipgloss in Shade 08. (No they don't have names, which is a shame) This is a lovely tulip pink lippy. It makes me feel quite happy when wearing it because it's so vibrant and has such a nice tone to it. I'm not usually one to go for in-your-face lip colours because I like to 'blend in' but this is just beautiful.

Like the 03 shade, this goes on really nice and leaves behind this amazingly pigmented colour. Even though the wands (wingardium leviosaaah) are identical I seemed to be able to use this one better...maybe practice makes perfect in all things, eh? This is my favourite of the two because that colour pay off is amazing.

One thing that miffed me was that these are called 'lipgloss'.....these are no where near a lip gloss. As you can see it's quite clearly a matte lippy, so I'm a little unsure why it's called a lipgloss as it would've probably deterred me from it had I not seen the images of the product in use....so, maybe IMAGIC should have a think and change that up.

I thought I'd leave the staying power until last instead of boring you with the same details on both products, cos I'm nice like that. The lasting power on these is pretty good. It's nowhere near as good as the PS...Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks (which I reviewed here & here) but they're okay. If you're planning on not drinking or eating all day, they'd be perfect, but I found that whenever the 'lipgloss' came into contact with something I was drinking it would slowly start to fade from the centre of my lips. I found reapplication was easy though and didn't mess up the product that was already on. So, if you do plan on wearing these for the duration definitely pop it in your bag to take with you.

Only £1.36 is such a steal for products this good. These are just two of the shades available, there are 19 shades in total, two more of which are probably at my post office for me right now *addict* There's a wide range of colours, so definitely something for everyone.
Laura x

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