Sunday, 2 October 2016

I Heart Makeup Lip Lava Liquid in Tremor REVIEW.

My obsession with lip products has reached an all time high lately and I've bought three new products within the past week, so I'm getting my moneys worth out of them and creating these exciting, interesting posts for you (ha!)

The first two lip products I got were from eBay so I'll post them later this week. This post, however, I shall try and write out now (WILTY is on & I have a bad attention span!) I popped into Superdrug this weekend intending to get one item that I'd been wanting for a while also from the Makeup Revolution range, but whilst browsing their stand I found this lovely little product: I Heart Makeup Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick with Vitamin E.

I've been on a matte lippy high lately and have been buying them left right and centre and when I saw these I was intrigued. It is a liquid lipstick in a tube, which I've not seen before and it dries with a matte finish. Odd. There's a really nice selection of shades in Superdrug, but quite a few were sold out, so I decided on this shade which is 'Tremor'.

Before talking about what I thought of the actual product, can we take a second and look at the packaging? How darn cute is that? The shiny purple/pink combo was probably what drew me towards these products because it's just a really nice little package. 

Okay onto the product. The lippy comes in this little tube with a sponge on the end. Obvs you squeeze the product out through the sponge and apply like a normal lippy. I found the application okay but with the sponge being something I'm not used to using it was a little hard to shape the lips correctly, but once I got hold of it it was fine.

The colour, as you can see, is a really lovely pale pinky tone. It looks lovely on and I think (not to toot my own horn) it really suits me. It goes on as a liquid, but dries a really nice matte. It doesn't make the lips feel dry which I assume is the Vitamin E within the product and it lasts for a really long time (unless purposely licked at like I did).

I really adore this lip product and I think I'll definitely be popping into Superdrug again and picking up a couple more. The only thing that miffed me with this was that the tube felt slightly empty. I had to really work the tube to get the product up through the brush, so whether I picked up an odd one, I don't know, but there definitely wasn't enough product in the 15ml tube for my liking.

This cost me £2.99 which was a bargain and I definitely recommend these if you're wanting something new to try out.

Have you tried anything from the I Heart Makeup brand?
Laura x

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