Friday, 9 September 2016

Schwarzkopf Color Mask Hair Dye in 600 Light Brown REVIEW.

This past month saw me ditch the lighter hair again and plop for this lovely rich colour: Schwarzkopf's Color Mask in 600 Light Brown. I wanted something natural and warm for the coming A/W months and this just happened to jump into my basket.

I love using the Schwarzkopf Color Masks because they make my hair feel super soft afterwards and they don't fade as quickly as some I've used before. If you've read my previous reviews on this particular brand you'll know that I adore using Schwarzkopf, it's my favourite hair dye fo' sure.

I thought I'd be a good blogger and take a picture of the colour chart, not that it usually matters, but this is what the hair dye should look like once it's worked it's magic. I would say that my hair was probably the dark blonde of this chart as I had just Colour B4'd it a week before. I wasn't planning on going back dark but I'm an idiot who can't make her mind up, ha!

As my hair is now long again *fist pump* I purchased two boxes of this dye from The Body Care shop as they're so much cheaper than Superdrug or Boots. I didn't want to faff about half way through mixing another bottle, so I just poured both developers and the colour into this mixing bowl and went to work.

As this is a mask-like hair dye, it didn't make any mess at all, it didn't drip or start to slide down my head, it just sat there and let the colour develop. I let it stay on for about 15-20 minutes as I didn't want it too dark, so I subtracted 10 minutes of the recommended time (30 mins) which I'm glad I did as I was left with this:

For the first time in a long time I was happy with how my hair turned out. It was the perfect match for my dad brows and it didn't make me look like a milk bottle like I usually do with dark hair, so I was well chuffed. Obvs I realise I look a lot more natural with darker hair, so I think the brown will stay for the rest of the year...maybe give my hair a little break from the dyes....saying that though, see you at my next hair dye review ;)

Have you tried the Schwarzkopf Color Masks before?
Laura x

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