Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What it's like to be plus sized & go shopping.

Lately I've seen a couple of bloggers put up posts sharing thoughts that they have when they go shopping, a lot of them I find amusing and sometimes they hit the nail on the end. As a plus sized gal going clothes shopping isn't the easiest thing in the world, so I thought I'd share what it's like for me, as a PS girl, to go out in search of something new to wear. Oh the joy!

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1 - When I was younger Primark was somewhere I LOVED going to. It was cheap, had nice clothes and things actually fit. Now that I'm bigger, I know for a fact that whatever is in there will not fit me. On occasion if there's an elasticated dress or stretchy jumper I'll pop it into my basket, but as all us PS ladies know that's a very rare occassion. Primark just sparks off a lot of anxiety for me and annoyance both in myself for getting to this size and also at Primark for discriminating against bigger ladies.

2 - When I go to a shopping centre unless there are plus size clothing stores I don't see the point in going into any of the clothing stores in there. I know for a fact they will only stock size 6 to a size 16 (because you can't be bigger than that to wear nice clothes), so when I do go clothes shopping it can get a little boring. I've never stepped foot into H&M or clothing stores of similar fashion because there's no point.

3 - The feeling I get when I go into places like Yours or Evans or any plus sized specific store is one of slight comfort because I look around at my fellow shoppers and they're just like me. They're looking for a nice new dress or top and they maybe feel a little more comfortable too, we're no different when we're in those stores. But if I were to go into a 'normal' shop like Primark, I'd feel constantly anxious and paranoid that girls with a size 6 waist are looking and whispering....fun times.

4 - As a plus sizer shopping for underwear is annoying as fuck. I can't just pop into a local clothes shop and pick some knickers up or go to Asda and get a fancy nice bra....NOOOsiree. Unless I'm willing to pay upwards of £30 for an underwear set, I have to stick to shitty 'full briefs' because Bridget Jones pants are a must for us big ladies *eyeroll*. Also, why can't we have nice bras? The only bras that fit me are the boring t-shirt bras which I have in almost every colour available....it's a little more fabric on the back, jeeezus.

5 - Why are plus size clothes so friggin' expensive?? Go in Primark or Asda and you can get a whole outfit for around £30....go to a Plus Size specific store and you're looking at £30 just for a top. It's so utterly pathetic. Yes, I'm grateful that these stores exist so that I don't feel like an alien, but it's so hard on the purse just trying to look nice when you're big *sighs* and sometimes I feel like these store exploit bigger women because they know they need the clothes and so will pay that much. It really annoys me.

Do any of you guys ever feel like this? 
Laura x

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