Sunday, 11 September 2016

Make Up Gallery's Copper Kiss Nail Polish REVIEW.

Autumn is on its way and if you read my recent Autumn Outfit Inspo post you will know that I LOVE AUTUMN, IT'S SO PRETTY! It's also the time of year when the warmer toned clothes and colours start popping out of our wardrobes and I like to go cray-cray with the burgundy/copper tones because I think they're beautiful. SO, I decided to get all creative this week and paint my nails - first time this year...whaaaat - with this little beauty: Make Up Gallery's Time To Shine 'Quick Dry' Nail Colour in the shade 'Copper Kiss'. (Why are product name's so damned long?)

If you don't know about Make Up Gallery clearly you don't shop in the quid shop as it is Poundland's own makeup brand, which actually isn't that terrible (not including the foundation *shivers*) I love their eyeliners and eyeshadows, so when I was in a loooong while back I saw this and immediately popped it into my basket (almost put bag there....but I ain't no thief, ha!)

The colour Copper Kiss is so flippin' pretty! It's half way between a burgundy colour and maybe a burnt orange...I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it's lovely. I didn't expect that much from it as it was only a £1 (duuuh) but it is brill. The formula isn't too thick or too thin and it goes on the nails really easy. It is quick drying which I love because I always end up smudging my nails (anyone else do this? It's like as soon as I do my nails a million things need doing, ha!) as soon as I do them so the quick drying formula is amazing! 

The end result is these beautifully shiny coppery nails. Perfect for the A/W months. I've had this polish on for around a week and it's on its last legs now on my nails, but it lasted a fair few days without chipping, so maybe with a decent top coat it'd last a long time. This is definitely my favourite go to polish fo'sure!

Have you tried Make Up Gallery? 
Laura x

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