Monday, 5 September 2016

Autumn PS Outfit Inspiration with New Look.

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year. It's the perfect weather between Summer and Winter, it creates beautiful colours and scenery and it lets me start to layer up my clothes and not look like a mad woman (I don't like showing skin). I just adore this time of year and love the excitement that it gives me for the coming months. I've been on New Look lately eyeing up their A/W clothes and thought I'd put together some cute outfits that might serve as inspiration to my fellow plus size ladies. As a PS girl I find clothes are often hard to find that suit my personal style, but New Look always hit the nail on the head with their items and so I present to Autumn Outfit Inspo. 

Pure Colour Tan Lipstick - £3.99 (on 3 for 2)
TOTAL = £97.94

This outfit is just really cute and looks downright comfortable. I have an odd sense of fashion. I don't stick to just one look. I can dress up and I sometimes just can't be arsed and this outfit is perfect for when I just want to throw something on and be comfortable, yet stylish.

Pure Colour Aubergine Lipstick - £3.99 (on 3 for 2)
TOTAL = £127.94

This outfit is a little more put together and a lot more stylish. For A/W I am a sucker for the burgundy // mustard trend. I just adore the colours and think they are beautiful together. They remind me of the leaves on the ground, so definitely perfect for the Autumn.

Wide Fit Black Suedette Chunky Brogues - £24.99 (on sale @ £18.74)
Pure Colour Mid Pink Lipstick - £3.99 (on 3 for 2)
TOTAL = £131.59 (with sale) £138.34 (without sale)

This one is a little bit of an odd put together, but I like it. It's a little formal with the tunic dress, but the bomber jacket and hat add a bit of a casual feel to it. I just think this is a cute outfit and the fact that bomber jackets are a staple this coming season makes this outfit perfect for 'following the on-trend' style.

Which is your favourite? What are your favourite trends for Autumn?
Laura x

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