Thursday, 15 September 2016

My 23rd Birthday Wishlist.

Hello lovelies! As you may have presumed from the title of this post, my birthday is just around the corner. I don't get that excited over my birthday's anymore because my Mum was the one that made them special....when I remind my dad it's my birthday he either starts to panic or goes 'okay'.

I'm trying to be a little more up and happy this year. I know my Mum wouldn't want me to be a miserable bitch on my own birthday, so for her, I'll try not to be. The first step to making me happy is having people shower me with gifts and make me feel like a princess all day. Just call me Princess Laura.....(of Genovia).

This year I've prepared a little list of things I wouldn't mind finding amongst my pressies.

I've always loved collecting Harry Potter memorabilia and I actually have the coin set of these which my boyfriend bought me a few years ago, but I found that they are just getting dusty on my shelf, so when I saw this I knew it would be a must. (UPDATE: I did get this from my lovely boyfriend. The chain is tiny, so keep that in mind when buying or buy an extension chain with it)

I ADORE the smell of this perfume. I've always wanted to purchase it but just never got around to it, so I thought I'd pop it on my list and see if anyone is nice enough to buy it :D

I NEED a real contour palette. I currently use a darker shaded finishing powder as my contour and it's hitting pan, this one grabbed my eye because it just looked beautiful and the colours look like they'd go nice with my skin tone.

Who wouldn't want an eyeshadow palette that looks like chocolate? I adore all three of these that are available, they are AH-mazing. The colours in this look so perfect for A/W and I just REALLY WANT TO OWN THIS PALETTE. If noone loves me enough to buy me it, I'll get it myself *cries*

5 - Supernatural Season 10 - £14.90. (UPDATE: My dad finally picked this up for me)
5 - Bones Season 9 - £9.99. 
5 - Bones Season 10 - £12.00.
I collect both of these shows on DVD and I'm a little behind, so now they have reduced in price I'm hopefully going to top up my collections and have a little rewatch.
Laura x

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