Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cute Lemon 7-Day Pill Box REVIEW.

Hello lovelies! Do you ever go somewhere for the night and find that you have to take a bags worth of bottles with you full of your daily vitamins, supplements, pills...etc? Yeah, me too! I stay at my boyfriend's house a couple of nights a week and got SO tired of having no room in my bag for the bottles that I looked online and found this cute little pill box.

If you hadn't guessed already it is shaped like a lemon (even though it's coloured like a lime...) and it's the cutest little thing. It comes with seven small daily compartments which flick around the 'lemon' with the press of the white button in the middle. It's not the best made thing but it is so useful. As a rule I take five different pills every morning (vitamins mostly, don't worry) and they all fit perfectly into the little compartments, even my evening primrose capsule which is a little bulky fits in there. The only annoying gripe I have with it is my anti-baby pills (uh uhm) are that they're a bit too small and unfortunately if the 'lemon' is flipped on its head, say in my bag, the littler pills can slip through into the next section, so be careful of that if you do purchase this cutey.

I bought this 'lemon' (also available as a orange or a pink 'pomelo') from ebay as it was really cheap at only £2.45. If you're an avid ebayer you'll know most cheaper items are shipped from China, as was this, but it only took about 6-7 days to arrive which I was super happy with.

So if you're an avid multivitamin, oil capsule, pill popper (that sounds bad, but you know what I mean) then this would be fab for you. It's saved me a lotta space in my bag AND the time saving of opening all the bottles and getting ONE pill out...ha! Plus, it's cute....did I already mention that? Uh....
Laura x

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