Thursday, 29 September 2016

Blackpool for my birthday.

Last week (the 21st) was my 23rd birthday *cries* and my dad & his girlfriend thought it would be nice to take me to Blackpool for the day. The last time I went it was a group outing consisting of me, my mum & dad, Alex (my boyfriend) and his parents. We all went and had a really good time even though it was bloody freezing if I recall standing on the pier and literally shaking correctly. We visited Madam Tussauds, the Sea Life centre, Pleasure Beach and had a nice walk up and down the sea fronts and the arcades.

My dad's girlfriend wanted to go to see the lights mainly and so, stupidly, we didn't set off to Blackpool until 3.30pm. We live in West Yorkshire and it takes two hours to get from here to there....and it was a Sunday. Fun times.

So we arrived at Blackpool at 5.30PM and headed straight to the promenade to the shops and arcades. It was a little windy and started 'spitting' that fine rain that soaks you through, so while my dad & his gf were in the arcade, Alex & I had a walk along the beach front, had a chat, took some pictures and stood amazed at how frickin' big those seagulls are! 

Even though it was cold, windy and starting to spit there were a couple of people/kids dotted about the wet sands and the odd brave soul having a paddle in the sea. Had it been a warmer day, I would've been down there myself having a splash about....

This is my favourite thing about Blackpool. It looks so cool.

The lights, of which was the reason we went, didn't get turned on until 8.30pm, so I just took a picture of these lights because Alex's dad is a big fan of Star Trek and I thought I'd be a nice future daughter-in-law and show them to him and also tell him that they got a Star Trek exhibition on at the moment. The rest of the lights seemed a little boring from what I saw. The last time I went there were all Dr Who related lights up but this time I just saw these Trekkie ones and some mermaids....

After our walk along the beach fronts, Alex & I headed back to meet my dad, but of course, he wasn't where we'd left him and so we just plodded around the shops. I was 23 after all...I didn't need a chaperone (she says crying inside). We went into a little Hall of Mirrors (aka a segway into the arcades with 4 mirrors, 2 of which were broken, that didn't really do much...definitely not to be missed!) and I took some pictures. Alex never smiles properly on pictures cos he's a pain in the arse, so let's just call this his RBF, ha!

When it started raining (about half hour into being there) we decided to give my dad a call....only to find out that they had gone back to the car....because it was raining. The only thing I can think of for them to run back to the car would be that they'd melt if they got rained on or turn into Gremlins. So feeling slightly pissed off with the day already, I thought we'd take our time going back to the car and Alex & I went into every shop (that was open) about three times to pass the time. Even though it's just your basic seaside town, there are some really nice things in their shops, nice little trinkets and such, I even saw some HP t-shirts, but rejected Al's offer of getting me one because obvs they probably wouldn't have fit me. 

When it really started peeing it down, we finally went and got us some donuts and a hot chocolate each and had a slow walk back to the car where we preceded to drive the 2 hours back home.....without even seeing the Blackpool Illuminations which was the whole reason for going.

So as you can birthday outing was a pile of piss. It wasn't really even for me. We got there when everything was shutting and the weather had turned shit. It was just a complete waste of time and I still ask myself why I went along with it in the first place. I know I may sound ungrateful - but it was just a complete disaster.

So happy birthday to me, eh?
Have you ever been to Blackpool?
Laura x

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