Saturday, 17 September 2016

8 Of My Blogging Pet Peeves.

As humans I think we all have our pet peeves, things that annoy us that others do and the same thing goes for those of us that are bloggers, too. So here are eight (because I was too lazy to go to ten) of my blogging pet peeves.

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1 - When bloggers only take swatch pictures. I click on reviews to see what the product looks like on and see whether it's something I like the look of and might buy, but when there's only a swipe of the product on someone's just annoys me, I WANT TO SEE THE FOUNDATION ON YOUR FACE.

2 - Bloggers that only leave comments just to leave their blog link. If I read a blog post, I always make sure to comment on it if I feel like there's something to say. I would never just put 'Oh, great post!' and then put my blog link. That's just rude & darrrrn cheeky!

3 - Blogs that are overtaken by advertisements. If I click onto a blog I want to be able to read the posts and not have a pop up...pop up...and interfere with my reading. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked off of blogs because of this, it's very annoying.

4 - Blogs that have too much going on. As you can see from my blog, I like to keep it simple. I don't like when there's so many things in the sidebars that it's hard to focus on one particular thing. I like simple layouts, so these magazine type ones going around are just not something I want to bother with.

5 - When there's no information about the actual blogger. Besides reading blog posts and getting into whatever is being reviewed, I love to read the 'about me' sections and get to know more about the person behind the blog (and be nosey). I think that it gives the blog a little more of a personal touch and I like that.

6 - When PR people get in touch via email and call me Dawn. If they'd actually took more than a glance at my blog they'd clearly see on the top left that my name is Laura. (Dawn was my Mum's middle name and the email was given to us automatically via BT, but I keep it as my main email) So, if they don't have time to call me by my name, I tend to not have time for their email. 

7 - Bloggers that sell out. There's a certain blogger that I adored when I began blogging 4/5 years ago. But as their popularity has risen, I find that their blogs have gone down hill slightly. I used to love reading their twist on posts and reading what they actually thought. Now their blog is just like a big ol' sponsored post. Anything I read on their doesn't sound like it comes from them and so I just don't bother anymore. 

8 - Bloggers that mainly do sponsored posts. I know we'd all love to be in that position where we get everything sent to us, not gonna lie I'd LOVE it, but it just miffs me off when bloggers post these reviews and then put at the bottom 'This is only £9.99'...and I'm like, 'Why didn't you just BUY it then?' We have to buy these just annoys me when this happens. Sorry!

What are you blogging pet peeves?
Laura x

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