Thursday, 4 August 2016

Movies I Watched This Week #4.

Another week has gone by and films have been watched in the Gleinert household. This week was a little bit of a downer for movies, if I'm honest, I just couldn't sit and watch that many as I've been extremely agitated this week and couldn't really be arsed. I did get a couple in whilst at the boyfriend's house, so here are the ones that made the cut:

Ghostbusters (1984).
I think everyone knows what this movie is about, but for the posts follows three former parapsychology professors who set up a business fighting against supernatural beings such as ghouls, ghosts and slimeballs. You knew that, right?

I have always had a soft spot for this movie. When I was a kid my folks would have it on the TV whenever it came on and it just came with me throughout my life. It's one of those films that I pop on whenever I just want background noise, but I enjoy it when I do pay attention to it. (Not particularly looking forward to seeing the new one). 7/10.

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocolypse.
This movie follows three teenagers who are members of their local scouts club. When their scout leader plans a camping trip, everyone but him turns up and unbeknownst to his scouts, he is now a member of the undead community. When two of the boys leave the campsite to go to a party, they end up coming face to face with a boatload of zombies that they must use their scout skills on to stay alive.

Alex & I chose this movie at random the other night and, surprisingly, really enjoyed it. We're both fans of zombie movies, so when we saw that this was a comedy also we were intrigued. It definitely made us laugh especially on a specific part that I don't think I should write here on my blog as it's a little NSFW, not to mention completely disgusting! I recommend the crap outta this movie because it's pretty fantastic. 8/10.

Year One.
Year One follows Jack Black & Michael Cera's characters (I still have no idea what they were called) as they get accused of eating from the tree of wisdom....or something like that and get banished from their tribe. So they go travelling across deserts and cities to find where they belong. Oh and it's set in cave men-ish times....Neanderthal-ian times? 

Even though I got a chuckle outta this movie now and again....I did not enjoy it. I like Jack Black, but he was just irritating in this and, my god, Michael Cera just plays the same character in different clothes in EVERY movie. I just cannot tolerate him, he's far too annoying. I'm really glad I didn't go see this in cinemas when it first got released like I wanted to. 2/10.

So that is my movies from this week. Have you seen any of these? What did you think? 
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