Monday, 29 August 2016

Scrub Love's Mint Temptation Organic Scrub REVIEW*

As women I think society expects up to be hairless and have smooth, baby soft skin. Well, we don't. It would be unnatural if we did. I, myself, have hairy legs. As a PCOS woman, it's not the soft dark hair you see on most women, it's coarse and horrible, so when it comes to shaving I absolutely dread shaving them as I'm always left with razor burn, pimples and sore skin. SO, when I got a lovely email offering me something that could help I jumped at the chance!

Scrub Love* is a brand that I just recently learnt about and I love them! They offer body scrubs that are made from 100% natural ingredients. Scrub Love's scrubs can help with blemishes, acne, stretch marks and my favourite, cellulite (I like chocolate, leave me alone!) These scrubs target pretty much anything that your skin can throw at you and leaves you with beautifully soft & glowing skin. 

The products' 100% natural ingredients help to exfoliate, polish and even help stimulation circulation...not something you hear about with other scrubs, which just sounds fab! There are currently three scrubs to choose from: Original Lovin', Mint Temptation & Coconut Affair. I was kindly sent the Mint Temptation pouch which I would've gone for anyway cos I love minty fragrances.

1) Roast Organic Coffee - this is the main ingredient which works as the exfoliant, the high caffeine content also works to stimulate circulation
2) Peppermint Oil - this is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory AND pore cleansing which helps to clear up your skin and give a nice glowing complexion
3) Tea Tree Oil - this is an anti-septic which helps in the healing process of your skin, it also softens and soothes tired muscles (who knew?)
4) Dead Sea Salt - this is full of minerals, magnesium & potassium which soak deep into the skin to help relax and stimulate your cells
5) Argan Oil - this is high is fatty acids and contains Vitamin E which helps to lift dark spots and moisturise your skin
6) Aloe Vera - this is also an anti-septic ingredient containing Vitamins A,B ,C & E and also Beta Carotene which helps to keep the skin looking youthful and moisturised

All these ingredients are 100% NATURAL.

First Impressions: As soon as I opened the pouch (which seems small, but contains a LOT of product) the smell HITS you square in the nostrils. It's quite strong. As a hater of coffee and all of its' disgusting scents, I wasn't looking forward to smelling this BUT the mint side of the ingredients really help to balance out the smell of the coffee, so don't let the fact that this is coffee based put you off. If I'm totally honest - I thought of After Eight mint chocolates when I opened it :D

The scrub looked a little like soil when I poured it out. I was expecting coffee. Like actual granules, but alas, I was stupid. I decided to use this on my if you hadn't noticed from my above rant *laughs* I took a handful of the product, popped it into a mixing bowl (aren't I glamorous?) and went to work. 

So, things got a tad messy and some of the product got wasted, but I can honestly say I am SO impressed with Scrub Love. This scrub made my legs feel super soft and I only got ONE nick on my entire legs (uhm, you have two, Laura). I was over the moon withhow less irritated my legs were. As a chubster when I shave between my thighs I ALWAYS get little pimples and such from my legs rubbing but when I used this I didn't get one. I cannot express how much I loved using this. It's made shaving my legs less of a chore and more of a pamper sesh. 

I am in love with this product and I cannot recommend it enough. If you hate exfoliating I guarantee you'll want to shave after using this. It smells incredible, it's 100% natural, it helps do a million different things for your skin AND it's just blooming amazing! You can use it anywhere on your body, but for me, this is now my go to exfoliant!

Have you tried Scrub Love before? What did you think?
Laura x 
*this post features a product that was sent to me for review.

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