Friday, 26 August 2016

Maybelline's Super Stay 24 Colour Lipstick in Jade REVIEW.

Today's post features a lip product that I am in love with! It's been a staple product in my makeup bag since I bought it and I just adore it. The product I am referring to Maybelline's Super Stay 24 Colour lipstick.

I picked this product up in a late night shopping trip to Tesco where I found it in the clearance section reduced to a fab £1.80. With it being a Maybelline product obvs I couldn't just leave it there, eh? What sort of blogger would I be? There was only one shade to choose from so I came away with this lovely reddy / pink toned colour in 'Jade'.

This product intrigued me when I first inspected it. I found the double ended feature to be quite interesting and a maybe a tad bit of a novelty. I don't own any lip products in this style, so trying it out was something new. On one end of the lipstick tube you have the lipstick applicator (above), which helps to provide a lovely even coverage of the 'Jade' lip colour. 

Then after a couple of seconds go by to allow the lippy to dry, you flip the stick over and apply a lovely, smooth moisturising balm. This helps to stop the lip product from drying out your lips and also gives off a lovely gloss texture.

For me the colour on it's on was lovely but when the balm was applied it made my lips look fuller and really made the colour pop. The staying power wasn't that great it lasted a couple of hours, but as with most glossy products it got a little annoying when I was having a drink and the colour transferred pretty well onto my mug, so it's not so great on staying power.

BUT, I think it looks fab on. I love the balm aspect of it and the feel of it on. Even though it's not as long lasting as the '24' in the title might suggest, it's definitely a product worth checking out. Even if you can't find it in a cheeky sale ;)

Have you tried this product? What did you think to it?
Laura x

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